Wordless Wednesday


 After his pain meds started to ware off and he started to feel better  
Sorry there is no linky to this this week. It been a long 24 hours. Aiden had his surgery yesterday and here are just two pics of him.


Heather said…
poor Aiden. Surgery is no fun. Hopefully he isn't too fussy from it.
carol anne said…
Hope everyone is feeling better ~

karenmed409 said…
I hate to see a little one in pain, hope he feels better.
Courtney said…
aww what a cutie! he looks like a brave one though!
Missy L said…
Poor guy. I hope he is feeling better
Susan said…
Here's hoping that you are all back to normal, rested, and okay! Good luck.
Tanya said…
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tiff snedaker said…
What a brave and handsome little guy. Hope he makes a speedy recovery from his surgery!

Following from the blog hop! Would appreciate a comment to the link below as well as a follow.
Kristy said…
I hope he is feeling better. I'm a new follower from the hop.

I would love for your to check out and follow my blog. http://www.kristy-s-place.blogspot.com/
Julie said…
awwww, poor baby:-( Glad it went well and he is doing better! I can't imagine my little guy having to have surgery:-(

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