Hardest two weeks of my life

I am so sorry I have not posted a lot this last two week. I have some great reviews and giveaways coming up. But I just wanted to let you all know what has been going on with my life the last two weeks. My husband has kidney stones, now I not talking about this is the first one he ever had I am talking about he has already passed 10 in the last 3 years and still have 9 in him. If you have ever had a kidney stone people say its like going into labor its so bad. Most of the time he has been hospitalized because they would get stuck coming out and so in the last 4 years I have been married to him he has had at least 4 or 5 surgical procedures to get them out. So he found a Dr. who said they could just go in and get them all out in one shot. So he went in two weeks ago. And its was a failed procedure. His ureter (the tube that goes from your kidney to your bladder) is to swollen from all the other work done on it. So they had to put a dilated stent in him.

This was not fun for him. He was in a lot of pain because it was making ureter stretch. So because of all of the pain he has been in we went back and for to hospitals for a few days. But they said he's going to have to suck it up and deal with it if he wants his stones to be gone. So he did.

But then last Thursday he was eating some food and got sick, really sick. He passed out at work and hit his head. His boss had people call the paramedics. They got him to wake up and gave him a shot of benadryl. Then took him to the hospital. Now mind you we have one car and he had it at work. So when his boss called me to tell me I was worried about how I was going to get to the hospital to see him. Thanks to the help of people in my church I had a lady come pick me up take me and Aiden to Ryan's work to get the car. Once we got to the hospital I was shocked to see that Ryan's boss was there with him. Not only was he there he took really good care of him and stayed there until Ryan was discharged. He really made a good impression on me. Oh and here is a picture of the red mark on Ryan.

It was not to bad because he was only a foot or two away from the desk when he fell. But it was still bad. So after a few hours they sent him home because he was ok. Oh and we found out later that he ate something that had cashews in it. The only food that he is allergic to. Then two days later on Friday night he was in a lot of pain because of the stent so he went back to the hospital to see if they would just keep him for the weekend. He was going to have the surgery again on Monday morning. Well my sweet brother in law took him because it was really late and I had to stay with Aiden. Well once they got to the ER Ryan passed out because of all the pain he was in.

Poor guy he then waited over 5 hours to be seen, and they just brushed him off. Then sent him home. We later found out that he had a UTI and other problems that the ER just did not care to look at because they kept saying, "oh your in pain because of the stent."

So he went in yesterday and they got them all, well at least on the right side. He has to go back in about 6 weeks to get the stones out of the left side. He is doing much better, still in pain but on his way to work right now.

Blah so its been a long week, but now I am back and going to be getting some reviews up right away. Thank you all for still coming to my blog this last week even with it being slow it really does help.


Janessa said…
oh my lord! I really hope your hubby recovers quickly! I feel terrible even reading this, and I'm not even those dumb ER ppl. I pray that you both will have strength, and for a quick and painless recovery from both surgeries.
Heather said…
poor Ryan. Sounds like a rough week. How nice that his new boss was there at the hospital with him and that some people from church were able to help you. Hope Ryan continues to get better.
Tethered Mommy said…
Your poor husband! I hope that 6 weeks goes by with no problems and they can get the stones out of the other side easily.
I am so sorry I hope your husband is able to recover soon. We will all still come to your blog because you are amazing! :)

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