In Honor of the Tatas sponsor spot light: Babiators

Kids are cute we all know that, but put some sun glasses on a kid and now they are really really cute!!!

Babiators makes a great rang of BPA free and UV protection. While living in AZ you needed sun glasses just about ever time you walk out side. So its good to know a company like babiators has your kids safety in mind.

Not only are they safe but they are durable too, and they back that up. If you buy from babiators sun glasses and they brake with a year you can send them back and they will replace them for FREE.

I don't know about you but I brake MY sun gasses at least once a year so its great to hear that they stand behind their product.

Babiators comes in different colors and for different ages too. They have four fun colors and start for kids as young as 1 year and up to 3+ years. I can't wait to us them this winter when we take him to play in the snow. You really need some good sun glasses at that point!

Keep an out out this month to win your own pair of Babiators sun glasses.


Heather said…
cute. Great that they will replace broken glasses.
Stopping by with the Alexa Hop. Hope you had a fantastic weekend.
Mindy said…
Stopping by from the Alexa Hop! I'd love it if you'd stop by my page at Thanks, and have a great day! :)

Courtney said…
that is one cute baby!:) so sweet
Sherrie said…
Love the sunglasses on cute!
Melissa said…
I love that they're BPA-free!
TonyaHopkins said…
I love the fact that if they break in a year they will replace them because babies are so ruff on things
Love that they're BPA free - and love the replacement policy.

Angela Rhodes Krause
LindaHnub said…
Thanks for the info - love that they're BPA free and safe.
Momma Teri said…
These look great and I have been thinking my Elliot needs his own shades soon.
I love how they will replace them for free OMG cuz we all know how kids somehow break even the unbreakable!

ticklemetiffy at gmail dot com

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