iParent review

We all know that we have moved to a digital age. No one wrights letters, its emails, most people even meet online, I did. I met my husband on an online dating place with my church. So it makes me wounder what its going to be like for Aiden as he gets older. Will he go online and to chat rooms and date that way? Is it even safe? I was excited to get iParent to send me a book all about gender trends and the technological world for kids, to teen and even in there mid twentieths.

iParent give you real life scenarios, even ones you did not think about. If you have a kid at any age this really is a good book to read. The book also hits it from a Christian level so you can really see how the world has changed and how it you can get help not from just anyone. They use Bible references throughout the book to help you see how you can make a different in not only your child's life but your with technology. 

Again this really is a must read if you have kids and are worried about them living a worldly life, not that its a bad thing but just so you can become better informed. 


Heather said…
sounds like an interesting book. Who knows where the technology will be in 5-10 plus years.

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