My husband has septicaemia

Long story shot I took Ryan into the hospital friday with a fever of 104, he called me this morning and we just found out he has septicaemia and if I had not taken him in on Friday, he would not be here with today. So I am sorry if I am a little behind on post. He's doing ok now he has a good Dr. taking care of him and should be home no sooner then tus.


Melissa said…
Wow, it's a good thing you got him into the hospital! Good to hear that he'll be ok. ((hugs))
Heather said…
glad you took him to the Dr. and that he has a good Dr. now.
Jenn said…
Saying a prayer for your hubby. Hope he feels better soon. Blessings and hugs!
chantal said…
I know the scare of almost losing someone. My 2yr old daughter was sick for a weekend had a high fever of 103+ and i couldnt keep it down my local hospital said it was a virus she would just get over but that following monday she couldnt stop vomiting i ended up taking her to her Dr who admitted her down town to the childrens hospital. turns out she had intussusception and almost died from it. luckily they did some procedures and surgery and she is ok now.It was one extremely long almost 2 week hospital stay

Im glad your hubby is doing better! wishing you all the best!
Hope your husband recovers sooner! Best wishes

Kendra said…
So glad you took him to the hospital! I wish him a speedy recovery! We'll all still be here when you get back!
Charis's Mum said…
I'm glad you took him to the hospital. I'm a nurse, and patients can die from sepsis within hours if it's not caught and treated soon enough.
Terri said…
I went to your link as I've never heard of this. I'm so glad your husband is being treated and will be home soon. How scary this must have been for you. I hope you both can get some rest and your husband has a speedy recovery!
OMG Miracles happen every day and I am glad you took him so that your hubby is going to be around for a long while to come. Cheers to a speedy recovery and I know I dont mind and Im sure others will understand as well. Hugs for you and prayers for him!
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