My poor husband

I am so sorry I have not done much the last few days. My husband had surgery on Thursday for his 9 that's right 9 kidney stones. He went back into the hospital today with a lot of pain because of the catheter or stent they put in him.

So I am hoping that he feels better in  a few days. He goes back to get the stones removed in about 10 days


E said…
I hope he has a speedy recovery!
Ai Sakura said…
oh dear, hope he gets well soon... and you take care too. my hubby went in for surgery earlier and I know how tiring and hard it is on the wifey too!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
Terri said…
I feel so sorry for your poor husband. I know how very painful kidney stones are. I was lucky twice to not have to undergo surgery just lots of IV fluids in hospital. I can say that the pain was greater than my 2 natural childbirths COMBINED. I hope your husband comes through his surgery with flying colors and NEVER gets another stone!

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