Nature's Hand Granola review

I love granola, it taste good, its easy to take with you when your on the go, and it's really good for you too. So I was really excited when Nature's hands send me an email asking me to review two of their products. What I love the most about Nature's hands it that they are 100% natural with no added colors or flavors, no preservatives, no sodium and no trans fats. Nature's hands have also does some changes to their packages, they are now bright colors with what I like to call windows so you can see inside the package.

I got to try the Maple pecan and Raisin hazelnut. OH man are they good. Most of the time I get a handful when I am watching a movie or reading a book. Just something to munch on with out feeling like I'm eating something bad for me. As you can tell from the picture we ate both bags in less then a week!!!

The only thing that I can say bad about it, well it really has nothing to do with the flavor or the company just make sure if you are allergic to any nuts be careful. It tells you on the bag, "manufactured in a facility that uses milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts. May contain shell fragments." So make sure you are not allergic no any nuts. My husband cant have cashews and we did not know that is a "tree nut" so he had an allergic reaction. Once he got feeling better he called the company to ask if they had cashews in the facility and they said they do, but they where really nice, asked if he was ok. They even had the CEO call to get the bag number to make sure there was not something wrong with it. Ryan was not even yelling at them or anything just asked if they had cashews there.

What a great company to have the CEO call to make sure he was ok and to look into it. That really impressed me. However while he was eating the granola he said it was really good (that might have been why he did not stop when he first started to feel funny). So he's a little sad that he can't have anymore. I however and glad because that means more for me!

Each bag is only $4.99, and it's a 13oz bag so it really is a great price. Don't forget to head over to Nature's Hand facebook page to keep up with all the great news, and/or follow them on twitter too.


Heather said…
wow. I always find it hard to imagine being so allergic to nuts that even having it processed in the same equipment as nuts bothers people. Even plain m&m's and such are made on the same equipment as those with nuts. So glad I don't have a nut allergy. Nice to know that the company was so caring about your husband though. Glad he is ok.

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