Sponsor spot light: Bella Daniella

It's time to hear from my last sponsor. I know this review is a little late but we always have to save the best for last! I just love little girl tutus they are so cute and Bella Daniella makes some of the cutest ones I have ever seen. Every little girl wants to feel special, and what a better way then to get her a matching tutu for her birthday, or Christmas even.

Bella Daniella was kind enough to send me a cute birthday girl top and a big tutu. Most of the time when you get or see tutus they are small and there is not much to them. But Bella Daniella makes them big! Its a go big or go home kinda thing.

You know you want to try them out. Get your little girl her own for Christmas make her feel like a princess. To tell you the truth, I even tried it on and skipped around my house. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts! Makes me want to have a little girl so bad. Any how Bella Daniella is going to be joining our group of sponsors for In Honor of the Tatas, which is live right now... So head over and enter to win some cute fun pink stuff!


Heather said…
soo cute. Anytime you want to get cute girl stuff you can always buy it for your niece. :) she'd love it.

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