Black Friday deals and where to find them

Its right around the corner. Do you know what your getting and where your getting it? Well here is a very small list of some good deals you might want to look at.

Dynex 24" Class LCD 1080p HDTV: $79.99
PlayStation 3 160GB Console Bundle with DualShock wireless controller, Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition, Rachet & Clank: All 4 One and PlayStation Plus 30-day membership: $199.99

Nintendo 3DS Gamer Bundle: $199.00

20% off all jewelry
Early birds up to 60% off items

So keep an eye out this Sunday when the ads come in. There really are some great deals out there, some you can even get online. No more waiting in lines at 11pm waiting for the stores to open.


Heather said…
haven't decided if I'm doing any black friday shopping.
LisaWeidknecht said…
I will probably shop on my computer. LOL. I hate crowds. Thanks for joining my weekend hop!
merrica25 said…
Found you from the blog hop :-) I am scared to shop Black Friday, LOL
Katie said…
Same here I want to do it all online, I would hate and wait in the cold, and when you have a 1 year old you really cant do that anyhow

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