Blog Bash Christmas giveaway sponsor spotlight

 Hey guys I have yet another great blog hop giveaway that is start tomorrow. There are a lot of things you can win and the total price per blog is $100 and up worth of prizes. But this item made by Nelia PK Designs took me by surprise!

I first saw Nelia's Etsy shop from another blog and I fell in love with their stuff. I just has to ask to do a review and giveaway. So I asked if I could review the purple amethyst earrings. I never thought that the picture would not do it justice! They where so pretty in the pictures. As you can see from this picture here. It's not the purple ones but they still are just about pretty.

However when I opened the box that had my purple amethyst earrings I was shocked at how much they shine. They are GORGEOUS!!! However I had to make the hard choice and give it to my sister for Christmas! I know I am so nice, but she does not read this blog much so I am hopping (crosses fingers) she does not read this post! Nelia PK Designs has a wide range of beautiful jewelry and they are having a sale right now too, until Dec 5th. You really should head over and check it out. 

With Christmas coming up girls tell you mans know you want some thing from Nelia PK Designs! Or moms get your daughter something special this year!  


Holly Wilson said…
What a cool giveaway. I'll have to come back tomorrow and check it out.
I just visited her etsy shop. the jewelry is amazing!

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