Holiday Gift guide: Baby Einstein

Well Black Friday just came and went. Did you get everything on your list? Did you find or think of something else you need to get. Well don't worry because Cyber Monday is just two days away. How about some of Baby Einstein Award Winning Discovery Kits?! Aiden loves Baby Einstein, and Baby Van Gogh the best.
Baby Einstein makes some amazing Discovery kits. Each kit includes a DVD a music CD and a book or discovery cards. The kits come in three different levels to help your baby go from an infant to a toddler. Experience (level 1), Explore (level 2) and Expression (level 3). Each kit sells for $19.99.

Once you get the discover kits you can buy the toys that go with them. Such as the Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra. Kids love anything that lights up and/or plays music. This really cute toy plays 8 masterpieces from Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi. Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra retails about $19.99 at target. (But its on sale right now!)
Last but way not least is the Roller Pillar Activity Balls. Aiden has some balls like the Baby Einstein ones and he loves to roll them sll around the room. The Baby Einstein roller pillar balls have real-life images, rattles, chimes, lights and other textures for your child to see and feel. This is great for kids who are learning how to crawl or walk. The balls retail for $9.99.
So with Christmas just a few weeks away, you really should think about adding some of Baby Einstein's awarding winning discovery kits and toys.

Also don't forget to follow Baby Einstein on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and on their BLOG. That way you can keep up on sales and new products.


Holly Wilson said…
I love classical music and love that Baby Einstein encourages children to develop that some love :)

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