Phix natural energy drink review and giveaway

I HATE coffee. Sure it smells good but it tastes so nasty and it leaves you with a crash a few hours later and needing more. I also have been trying to stay away from soda. Ryan stopped drinking soda a month ago and has lost 10 lbs!!! I need that this last weekend I would need something, what with moving and all. Its hard to move, you get tried fast and you just want it to be done. So I was really happy to have Phix energy drink on me at the time.
Phix is an all-natural, organic and vegan energy drink. 

"Phix Energy is an herbal energy drink powder blending green tea anti-oxidants, energy-restoring NADH and yerba maté for enhanced vigor, plus we add vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling healthy."

The flavors are great and they really helped me with the move without getting that crash. Plus I feel like I am doing something good for my body. So if you are looking to cut out the soda or the coffee but still need something for energy. Go with Phix with all natural ingredients and give your body back the 14 vitamins that it needs. But here is the best part if you head over to you can get a free sample, and/or you can enter to win some here.
This giveaway has 2 winners!!!!


lorialcorn2006 said…
I so wanted to be picked to review these but sadly I was not so Im trying to win some I can use all the energy I can get Im really trying to loose some weight and have the energy to do my work . great blog and giveaway :)

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