Bella Daniella sales event today only on Totsy

Hey all I just wanted to let you know about a great deal going on today at totsy. Its Bella Danielle!!

Get this cute tutu normally $40, on sale for $$23.50. This would be so cute for Valentine's day! They also have a new line of hats and headbands, all handmade in the USA.


Anonymous said…
That is adorable! Makes me wish I had a little girl to buy that for, just too cute!
My SoCal Life said…
this is adorable!! I have a little guy but omg I do have a neice who is taking ballet!
RuralMom said…
So sweet! Wish my girl was little again!
Katrina said…
We never had such cute items for our girls when they were little! Kids clothes are so fab today! sASS
Oh my, that is adorable.
mamawee said…
that's so sweet!

Isra said…
This is dangerous, I have 2 little princesses who are crazy about tutus!

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