Cranky baby = first molar!!!

So Aiden's been kind of a butt the last few days. Cranky, wants to be held all day and was getting sick. His nose was so runny and stuffed up and we had to rock him every few hours so the snot could run down. So with him being a little brat we put him in his room. Which he hates to be alone so he could cry... no SCREAM!!!! He screamed so bad the last two days that he almost does not have a voice. Now don't get me wrong I did not leave him in there for hours and let him cry it out. He was in there for maybe 20 mins at the most.

So this morning I was feeling his gums because he started to drool really bad yesterday. And there it was on this upper right side a molar that is almost 100% out. He is also working on the lower left one too. So now I feel a little bad. He was being cranky and a brat because he had a tooth coming in and was probably in some kind of pain :( So now I am going to keep a closer eye on it and hope he feels better.


Whenever a child is extra cranky, hungry or sleeps more or less than usual, blame it on the teeth ;)

Wishing you happier teething!

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Katrina said…
Aaahh the teething experience. Always fun. I used to keep clean wet facecloths in the freezer and let them chew on them. The roughness of the cloth helped break the gum and the cold numbed it! So cute those first teeth SASS
ahhh yes, we just had a similar teething experience (I posted about it earlier this week actually!) with DS eye teeth coming in. Hope it passes quickly, and everyone can get back to sleeping well again!

Thanks for participating in SASS, hope to see you next week!
Jayda said…
Ahhh Teething. I swear that was so far my least favourite phase with my girls. I hope it doesnt last too much longer for your house!

Thanks for linking up -Sass Host
~*Cee*~ said…
Oh we all have those days where we think "What the eff is wrong with you now?" only to find out something like teething is plaguing our little ones. And then ... of course you guessed it!! Mommy Guilt! Why not?!
But seriously, it does pass. It sucks and takes more patience than ever...but hey - we signed up for all this! Thank goodness they're so cute!! Hope you can get some quality rest soon :)
ugh! It's so hard because you never know why they're being little boogers! I hope he is feeling better now though!
Deanna T. said…
Oh don't be too hard on yourself. We've all been there. Hopefully he'll get through this spot of teething and be more chipper soon. -SASS

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