Monday, January 16, 2012

Eating right for the new year

So its the new year and I am sure that most of you are saying the same thing that I am saying.... LET LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!! I am going to eat right and work out and all that jazz, right? But are you still doing it? Thanks to April she really is showing me what a differences it makes to eat right and working out. I don't want to give you all a lot of info yet about what we are eating and doing because we are doing the Detoxing blog event in March. We are going to be showing you a ton of good tings to eat.

I ate right now about a week and then ate sweet all weekend. Now that it is Monday again. I started the day out right. I ate a good breakfast and had my detoxing drink. I can't wait to start losing the pounds!!!


Diddlepoyner said...

I know how you feel about eating right all weekend and then on the weekend it goes to pot. lol

Heather said...

can't wait to hear about it

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