How I weaned my son

I am not sure if you guys remember but, awhile back I made a post about trying to wean Aiden. Well I am glad to tell you all it has been three days now without nursing him. AND in his own bed!!!

I decided to stop nursing him because with this detoxing event coming up, some of the detoxing teas and pills you should not be nursing while taking them. If you want to stop nursing and having a hard time here is what I did that helped me. Remember you do what is best for you and your child.

I started by no longer nursing him for nap times. I made sure he had a full belly and then rocked him to sleep. It took about a week for him to get the hang of that idea. But after a few days he did not cry for "them" any more. Once you get that down then take another feeding time out. Night time was the hardest for me, so we did that last. I had him in my bed, so when he was hungry I would just nurse him there. Most of the time he would not be drinking he would be just sucking to suck.

So once again I made sure his belly was full, rocked him, then put him in his bed. This way he would at least learn to start sleeping in his own bed. I would wait until about two or three in the morning (when he woke up) then bring him back to bed with us and feed him.

Now here was the hard part for me. Finding the right kind of milk. Aiden is lactose intolerance so we never really gave him whole milk before. The few times we got the lactaid milk he did not care for it. So we got him silk vanilla soy milk. Its not his (or my) favorite but we trying it anyways. Then we read about all the crap that they put into soy and I took him right off. So I was back to square one. What milk do we give him?

April then told me about coconut milk. It is high in fat (the good kind you need), its not milk and taste good. So we gave it a try. HE LOVED IT. Well in a bottle not his sippy cup (that's a first). So we tried it one night... and he took it!

So it has been three nights now where he has not been nursed and has been in his own bed. Its hard don't get me wrong. But its nice to see my little boy growing up.


Self Sagacity said…
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What A Ange! Visiting from the Alexa Hop!
Your son is super adorable! Weaning was harder for me i think than it was for my daughter. Stopping in from the Alexa Hop!

Brittany @ Couponing Chic
So CUTE! Thank you for sharing your story also.. but the pictures are what makes this post! :)

One of my girlfriends is tackling this issue.. I'll share this post with her. She'd likely love to hear about coconut milk and your other ideas/experience as a whole. Parenting isn't easy, is it? One day and one challenge at a time!

- Nicole @ MamaNYC :)
Darcy said…
I suspect once my daughter is weaned from nursing she will sleep in her own bed. I want to yet don't! It's so bittersweet.
Tethered Mommy said…
Wow your little guy is just jumping ahead! I'm sure it's bittersweet for you but obviously he is not hurting at all. Hugs mama - great job!
What a doll!! I think my son could be lactose intolerant. We are going to check it out. Great post!
Thanks for sharing this - I'm trying very hard to wean my 20 months old daughter and so far it has been extremely hard and we've made no progress but I'm going to try and incorporate some of these techniques and see what happens.

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