Aiden's cardio echogram today

Hey all I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be out for awhile today. Aiden was born with two little holes in his heart and while they are getting smaller we have to do a check up. I will come back later today and let you know how it goes. I am hopping they say that its fine and that the holes are ether not there are almost gone. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Well it did not go 100% good or bad. He now only has one hole so that's good. However the other one however does not look any better. In fact he is going to have a procedure done. Just to make sure its not casing any problems. We are staying strong in this and hopping all goes well.


Kat said…
Good luck and prayers from an adult CHD'r. Hope all goes well.
Unknown said…
Sorry to hear. February is heart month and I am very much an advocate for heart health. I trust you will come back with good news about your baby boy!!
Lena & Alex said…
The best of luck of you. You are in my thoughts
Big prayers!! Thinking of you!
Danielle said…
Thoughts and prayers are with your little guy! I hope that the remaining hole repairs itself w/o surgery. Keep us updated!
Terri said…
I said a prayer that the other hole in Aiden's heart closes too. Love & prayers to all of you. XOXOXOXO

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