Detoxing Blog event sponsor spot light: Fairhaven health DVD

Hey guys don't forget that come March, April and I are going to be hosting a Detoxing fertility blog event. During this event we are going to be talking about ways to help detox, eating right, and way to help you get pregnant. We are both hopping this is the year of babies! April is hopping to become pregnant with her first and I (Katie) with my second. We would like to give our first shout out to a great sponsor: Fairhaven Health.

We got this great yoga DVD called, "Bend, Breathe, and Conceive". This DVD was created by Dr. Anna Davis to help couples conceive. However be fair warned if you have not worked out in awhile you will get your butt kicked by this, or at least I did. While it worked me harder then I have been worked in a long time it also really relaxed me too. Dr. Anna Davis teaches you how to stretch and breath right, to help you release stress hormones.

What I love about this DVD is at the beginning she goes over how to breath right (I did not event know there was a right way to breath). But there really is a right why, and it helps you relax and not feel over worked. I have been doing this yoga for about a week and I feel so much better. And thanks to Fairhaven Health come March when we start this blog event you will be able to win one of Dr. Anna Davis' "Bend, Breathe, and Conceive".

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Wow - This sounds really interesting! I have been really eager to try out yoga. Always been interested, but never took action. I would love to put an end to my curiosity in 2012. We are also trying to conceive, so what a perfect match! Thanks for the great review!

- Nicole @ MamaNYC :)
THis looks so interesting! I am a huge Yoga fan so this looks fantastic! Thank you so much for the wonderful review!
Tamara W said…
What a neat DVD, This looks and sounds amazing thank you for spotlighting this

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