Scandle candle review

I love candle, there is just something about them that make you so relaxed and calm. But how about a candle that you can burn and then use as a massage oil, sounds great right. Well thanks to Scandle candles you can do just that. All you have to do is light you candle and once the wax is melted to the edge, blow out the candle and pour the wax right onto the skin you want to rub down.
The smell of the candle is not over powering. Most of the time when you get candles that have a scent, it is over powering or you can't smell anything at all. The one that I got is a light lavender sent. Lavender is a great natural relaxer. It helps to calm the senses, and then the massage you get to have after lighting, this is any busy mom or woman's dream!
The  best part is the candle is all natural and made with FDA approved ingredients. It has shea butter, vitamin E, jojoba, cosmetic grade soy butter and body safe fragrance and/or essentials oils. Even then wick is made of cotton so there is no lead or zinc like others.

Scandle candles come in all different sizes and each is made for different reason. The candle I got (you can see the picture to the left) is a essential tin and they run you about $16.95. I am thinking about buying the detoxifying blend for the March detoxing blog event that's coming up next month.

So mom, wives, girl friends let your man know for Mother's day, your birthday or just because that you want Scandle and the massage that comes with it :) 

Now please keep in mind it is wax and melted wax so that means...ITS GOING TO BE WARM/HOT. So don't freak out if it is a little hot when you first pour that wax. I just put some on my hand and it made my hands smooth and soft.  

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About A Mom said…
This is really cute and would make a great gift for friends!
Darcy said…
Interesting idea though I was never into the hot wax play myself.
khreyes said…
This looks like a great candle. My adult son steals my candles, so I would love to get this one for myself and hide it from him. :)
cbreese said…
I love candles. Looks like a great product. I would def consider trying it.

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