Weekly Giveaway opportunity through Zenni Optical

So I just found out that I need glasses. While I have been looking all over for a good deal and a cute pair. I hate looking on line because you cant really see what they look like on you. But Zenni Optical now has a place where you can upload your photo and "try" on any pair of glasses! The best part is the prices are GREAT. I mean look at this cute one that you can get under $10!!!

And now on Zanni's Facebook page they are giving away a free pair ever week. Its really easy all you have to do is go to their Facebook page, "like" them. then come back every Monday answer the question and then come back and see if you won! Now that was not to hard. Right now on their web site you can also buy 2 glasses and get 1 for FREE!


artsavesyou said…
Oh I need a new pair stat. Thanks for sharing.
Lena & Alex said…
Ah, awesome! I could use some variety in my glasses closet
Rachel R. said…
I've heard good things about Zenni if you're looking for inexpensive glasses :)
DeDa Studios said…
Nice review! Shared!
Nikki said…
I only need reading glasses right now, but I'm thinking I'm getting to the point where I may need stronger ones soon. Too many years in front of the computer! I love the "try it on" feature!

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