What tablet to get?

So I'm wanting to get a tablet. I've been thinking an Ipad2. I like the idea of face time...yet I doubt I'd really use it much. We don't even have cell phones. However, the Ipad 2 is expensive. I'm also not sure what size to get. I mainly want it to connect to the internet- facebook, email, twitter. To store pictures on. Plus to read scriptures, other books, etc. I would love for it to be able to store recipes and use it as a cookbook instead of always having to print out recipes I want to try. I'd also like to use apps to play games for me and also for my 4 year old daughter. Better yet, if it will let me play videos from youtube or just videos of my kids. Also would love if it could connect to the t.v. and save me from having to buy cable or an antennae to watch t.v. What tablet do you have? Do you like it? I've heard rumors of an Ipad3 coming out, but don't know. What device has cheap apps available? I know you can get apps for free on amazon sometimes- but do those work with ipads? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Leila said…
I just recently got myself a Kindle Fire and I am in love. I can access my email, Facebook, Twitter, my blog, the internet altogether. I can read all my books on it, I can play my games/apps on it. I can watch videos on it. I am completely content spending the $200 on the Kindle Fire!
I agree with Leila, you can get 2 Kindle Fires and a Regular Kindle for less than the price of an IPad 2! I have a Fire and LOVE the way it runs and works!
Ourfamilyworld said…
My husband has an iPad2 that I sometimes use! I like it because it has a wider screen than my phone! I want to have an iPad for my blogging usage but I find it is quite expensive. I love the idea of the Kindle frie!!
Lena & Alex said…
Sorry, I am a iPAD fan - it is pretty good
Ellen said…
I love my iPad2. Definitely the best choice in my opinion and Apple has a much better selection of apps than other products.
Darcy said…
Apple has a great selection of apps, but you can do a lot of what you are looking for on a kindle fire which is half the cost. We have a Motorola Xoom which is more than a Kfire but less than an iPad2 and we like it.
I don't have a tablet but I have been looking. The doctor's at my doctor's office use Samsung Galaxy's and they say they like them better than the iPads!
Kendra said…
I love love love my Kindle Fire as well. I used it more than my laptop now!

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