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Hey all so its now March!! That means April and I (Katie) are going to be helping you detox this month. We have a ton of giveaways and a ton of great info to tell you about how to detox. I want to start with eating right and telling you about this 6 week plan from Dr. Fuhrman. This comes right  from his book called "Eat to Live". In this book it goes over what you should eat, how it can help and how it can even cure illness. Such as diabetessinuses, pain headaches with out needing medication. While yes, it is a weight loss book, it really will change they way you look at things.

While this might seam like one of the hardest 6 weeks plans, it is also the most rewarding one you will ever be on. I was on it for about 3 weeks and then I ran into some money problems. Ryan was unemployed for about 3 months so we did not have the money to really buy the stuff we need. We had enough money for ramen and mac and cheese. So now I am am excited to start doing it again. During the 3 weeks I was on this plan I had a TON of energy. I lost 5 lbs (and if you know me I don't lose lbs). The problem people have with this is plan is we, as Americans, are SO used to eating fast food, drinking soda, coffee and other things that are hurting us. 

Also keep in mind this is NOT about counting your calories. So, lets go into what you will eat for the next 6 weeks.

UNLIMITED (eat as much as you want and can):
  • all raw vegetables (goal 1lb daily)
  • cooked green vegetables (goal 1 lb daily)
  • beans, legumes, bean sprouts (minimum 1 cup daily in total)
  • fresh fruit (at least 4 daily)
  • eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomato and other non-starchy vegetables, cooked and raw (unlimited)

So have a some fruits for breakfast and then the biggest salad for lunch and then you can do a veggie burger with the beans for dinner (I'll post a recipe in a few  days), for an example.

LIMITED (not more then one serving)
  • cooked starchy vegetables OR whole grains–Maximum 1 cup per day (butternut or acorn squash, corn, sweet potato, brown rice, cooked carrots, whole grain breads, whole grain cereals)
  • raw nuts and seeds (1 oz. or 28.5 grams a day) or 2 ounces avocado
  • ground flaxseed (1 tablespoon a day)
  • soymilk, low-sugar preferred–Maximum 1 cup a day
  • avoid breads and cereals as much as possible
  • dairy products
  • animal products
  • between meal snacks
  • fruit juice, dried fruits
  • salt, sugar

Remember, this is a 6 week plan and it is going to help detox your body of all the processed crap that is out there. Later this month we are going to be talking about all the really bad things that they put into processed food. It really will surprise you.

Recipes suitable for the Eat to Live program can be found throughout this website, in the Eat to Live tag section, and on the Blog.


East9thStreet said…
Good for you! I could never give up meat products completely but I have reduced the amount of red meat that I eat and stick with leaner, organic cuts.
Lena & Alex said…
Great first time detox
April said…
Sounds pretty good - it's always best to fill up on veggies!
Why are you saying no to snacks? I tend to munch on a handful of nuts several times a day.
Katie said…

I think they say that because more people just snack to snack not because they are hungry.... I am one of them.
And East9thstreet I am the same way I don't think I could 100% give up on meat but I try to get the better stuff and eat less of it now
Heather said…
I could never do this. I've always had a hard time eating veggies. I live off of dairy, breads, and fruits mostly. Good for you though.

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