early-pregnancy-tests.com review and giveaways 3/30

Now that we have talked about good way to get pregnant and you are getting on track we need to take some test. Test to find out when you are ovulating, after all knowing that is going to help you get pregnant. But how do you know when to start taking an ovulation test? Thanks to early-pregnancy-tests.com we are going to help you find out. You must first know how long your menstrual cycle is. To find this out you must keep track of when your first day of your period is until when you start again. Find this out can take a few months of tracking (there are some cool apps for your phone to find this out). Then you can use this chart to help you remember when to take the ovulation test.  (Can't see the chart? Just click on it)

The best time to take ovulation test is NOT first thing in the morning. You want to take it more in the afternoon. Make sure you have a cup with you in the bathroom, then take the test and dip it in the pee for about 5 seconds. Then you should get one test line, and if you are ovulation then you will get two lines. Not to hard right?
Now that you have a positive ovulation test, and you did your thing :) and its a few weeks later. You need to take a pregnancy test! I have to say out of all of the pregnancy test out there April and I both love the once that come from early-pregnancy-tests.com. Their test you can up to 6-8 day before you missed period! Unlike the ovulation test you want to take the pregnancy test first time in the morning. That is when your hGC levels are the highest. Remember you will want to take a cup into the bathroom with you, pee in the cup. Dip the test strip  into the pee for about 3 seconds (making sure you don't pass the mark line). I took a test, I know its going to be negative but I wanted you to see what it would look like. I just got off my birth control pills so it would be to early for me to get a positive test yet. 

So as you can see a negative test will come back with just the test line. (if you get no lines at all something went wrong)
A positive test will have the test (or control line) and another line. Sometimes if you take the test really early there will be a line but it is very faint. At that point you can call a doctor and have them take a blood test, or just wait a day or two and take the test again. At which point the positive line will have become darker.

Now then lets have early-pregnancy-tests.com help you get pregnant by having one winner get 25 ovulation test strips and 25 pregnancy test strips!!!

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cbreese said…
Hi. Thanks for such a great giveaway!
Anonymous said…
Diddlepoyner said…
Thanks for the giveaway :)
Thank you for this giveaway!
We are trying to conceive, thanks for the chance to win!
rebeccaw2005 at gmail dot com
Phaedra Seabolt said…
This would be fantastic. We aren't trying to conceive yet, but will be in a few months, so I need both sets of tests! Thanks

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