I like book review and giveaway

As a mom, I'm often very busy. I spend almost all of my time taking care of my kids. Plus I work part-time. Both me and my husband work until late in the evening. By the time we get home, it's time to eat dinner, and put the kids to bed. Then we just want to go to bed ourselves. So we rarely focus on each other. Due to lack of quality time together we struggle with our relationship. I tend to see the negatives- how he isn't doing this or that, and how he used to do such and such. I wanted something that would help me to improve my relationship with my husband.

I found the I like book. It's a simple book where each day you write down what you like about your spouse. Your spouse does the same.

Here is what I like about the book:
I like that it keeps all my likes in an organized manner. (no more lost love notes, or piles of random papers.)
I like that it is simple to use. Just put the month on the top of the page. Then place one like under whatever day of the month it is.
I like that it gets me thinking about my husband throughout the day. Thinking about what I'll put as my like for that day.
I like that I can go back and read why I like my husband. (This helps on days where you just want to Strangle them.)
I like being able to go back and look at what my husband likes about me. (helps cheer me up on a rough day.)
I like that the book includes quotes, date ideas, stories, and places for pictures.
I like that at the back of the book there is a couple pages for notes and thoughts. In case the daily space isn't enough.

The I like book is available in a couples version like the one I received. It is also available in different colors for kids. Use the kids book to record daily something you like about your child.

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