Let's help The Juppy Baby Walker "Get on the Shelf"

Some of you may remember that I did a review and giveaway of The Juppy Baby Walker. The Juppy is the only baby walker that fits in a purse! Right now Wal-Mart is having a contest for small business owners where the Grand Prize winner will get a chance to sell their products in Wal-Mart stores. Let’s show our support by taking a few seconds to vote for The Juppy. Voting starts on March 7th till April 3rd.Click here to vote. Below is their short video to familiarize your self with the product. If you would like to receive a daily e-mail reminder to vote once a day for The Juppy click here to sign up. Your e-mail will not be used for any other purpose. Thank you on behalf of The Juppy Baby Walker!


we loved our Juppy! I'm definitely voting! Thanks!
Janet W. said…
What a unique and fun product! This is perfect for the 10 month range when babies are pulling up but not yet wanted to let go and walk!

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