Natural Detoxing drink

So now that you know that Chia is good for you, how can you add it into your diet? How about making a drink that is all natural has 4 ingredients and taste like lemon aid? Easy right? You could do it right? So here is what you are going to need; water, grade B maple syrup, and chia.  (oh and you can/should also add a lit of cayenne pepper)
So why Grade B Maple Syrup? First all of make sure you get the grade B NOT A! Most of the time you think that A is better for you but not when it comes to maple syrup. So you are going to have to get it at a sprouts, sunflower or any whole food store. MOST normal grocery stories only sell grate A. So anyhow grade A has a TON of vitamin and amino acids (which is way better then just adding sugar or corn syrup), this will also help to make your lemon aid drink sweeter.

You just need a little about a tablespoon or two depending on how sweet you want it. Then you will need one lemon (per drink). To help get the juice out roll it on the counter like you do a boiled egg. You can even put it in the microwave for a min or two to soften it. Squeeze out the juice (I use a strainer to make sure the seeds don't  get in)

Then add about two good scoops of chia seeds (make sure you gelled it first, you don't want to just put the dry seeds in there). If you need to know how to gel the chia seeds, head over to April's post and learn more HERE.

Add water... and there you go. You can drink this every day, its a good way to help get extra toxins out. But keep in mind that it will also help to clear up your digestive system, so if your back up at all.... you won't be after drinking this. It might take you a day, it might take you a few hours. But don't go far from the bathroom the first time you drink this :) 

See now that's not to bad, and it just taste like lemon aid with some small bolba seeds. Happy detoxing every one!


Greta said…
Interesting. Thanks for sharing
hmm.....I think I'll have to try that, I'm intrigued!
Chance said…
I have tried this detoxing lemonade before but never with chia seeds. I read your post on chia seeds the other day and now I think I'm going to try this version! Thanks for sharing. :-)
Lena & Alex said…
WOW - never heard of this before - gotta check it out

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