Nature's baby organics review

My son has got the worse dry sensitive skin ever and I mean EVER! Most of the time we try to give him a bath with oatmeal to help with his dry skin. But once I found Natue's Baby Organices I was in love. As you might (should lol) have read this month is all about detoxing and eating right. We have covered everything from foods to cloth diapers to fertile detoxing. Now I am going to touch more on detoxing your kids. When I say detoxing that does not always mean what they are eating, its about getting any harmful chemicals out of and off the body. Nature's Baby Organices makes everything from baby shampoo/soap to lotions.I have found that just after a few days of washing and lotioning Aiden, his dry skin stated to become soft again.

The lotion is soft and strong without being to thick. Most of the time when you get lotions that are meant to help your skin they go on like you are poring wax on your arm, thick, sticky, and all around nasty. So when I first saw this lotion I was worried, but that went away once I put it on me. I don't think I will ever buy any other baby lotion unless it's natural baby Organices.

Also they have two great smelling shampoos and bod wash: Vanilla-tangerine scent and lavender-chamomile scent. I love how they call it a scent because its just that, its not over powering. Have you ever opened baby shampoo/body wash and been blown away from the over powering smell of it? I hate that!!! So when they have its just a scent, they mean it. Its just enough to smell good without being over powering.

They are by far the best baby product I have used when it comes to lotions, shampoos and and such. They will forever more be on my list of things to get for baby showers and even just for me! Make sure you head over to their site and check out some of the other great products that they have


Ashley S said…
My son isn't even a year old yet and has such sensitive skin due to allergies. I'm always looking for new products to try on him to find something that works. I'll definitely have to check this line out! Thanks for sharing :)
Anonymous said…
These sound like great products. My mom has eczema so I have to be extra careful what I put on his skin and mine too.
Kecia said…
Skin dryness and eczema run in my family, so we are careful with what we use on our son. We try to find natural products like these for bathtime.

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