Ohh, Baby, Baby , Sponsor Spotlight: SunBaby

SunBaby is a cloth diaper company that sells affordable cloth diapers. I was given the opportunity to review a pocket diaper from them. The company is in China and so these diapers are made in China. However, the company claims to follow fair labor laws.

I received a one-size pocket diaper in circle print and 2 microfiber inserts. The diaper is a pocket style which means that it has an opening in the back where you can stuff it with an insert. You can add more inserts to accommodate heavy wetters or for overnight.

Front view of Diaper... see how it fits nice and snug around legs and waist.

Back View- Holds up nicely to him wiggling, and doesn't make his butt too fluffy.
Inside of diaper- Has a flap along back which covers where the insert goes.

What I like about this diaper:
1. Ease of use
Since it is a pocket diaper it doesn't require a separate cover. I pre-stuff my pocket diapers so when it comes time to use. Just place on, snap, and your done.

2. Hip snaps
I like that this diaper offers hip snaps because this prevents drooping. The hip snaps allow the diaper to stay snugly in place. The hip snaps on this diaper is reversed the push part of the snap is on the inside of the diaper. This prevents it from digging into babies skin when diaper is on biggest setting and hip snap is not in use.
Hip snaps- See how the bottom snap is reversed.

3. One size
The diaper has adjustable rise snaps to allow the diaper to fit from 7lbs- 35lbs. I like that I can use this diaper for an extended amount of time. My 20 month old son currently uses this diaper on the middle rise setting and a small waist setting. He weighs about 21 lbs and still has plenty of room to grow in this diaper.

The cons:
Not nighttime friendly. I struggle with finding a cloth diaper that works for my little guy for overnight 10-12 hours. Most pocket diapers don't work for me at night. This one included. Even if I double stuff it I tend to have leaks about 60% of the time. This may work for others at night, but not me. It did work for me for about 3-4 hour stretches during the day.
No cross over snap on waist- makes me wonder if it will fit smaller babies.

I like that SunBaby company was willing to work with me, when I was accidentally shipped a girl print diaper. They are willing to please their customers. My husband also commented that he liked the pattern print on this diaper. I like that this is an affordable diaper option that should last for awhile. This diaper will be put to use frequently as one of my daytime diapers.

click here to visit sunbaby and check them out. You can get 6 diapers no inserts for $30 which is only $5/diaper. Or 6 diapers with 2 inserts for $45 which is only $7.50 per diaper/inserts.

Win it: During the Ohh, Baby, Baby event one reader will have the chance to win a SunBaby Diaper in either Circle print or Melody print.


anky said…
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