Summer time toys with Imperial Toy

Its SPRING TIME!!!! That means its time to find your bathing suits, break out your shorts and find some fun outdoor games for you kids. How about two things that kids love more then anything, water and bubbles! Aiden got to pay with his first bubbles the other day, and now he is hooked. Ever time he see his new bubble gun he jumps up and down, and wines until he gets it. We got this great box full  of some really run bubble blowers and even some water balloon makers. What kids (or adult) does not like to throw water balloons?!?!
The best part about Imperial Toys bubbles is that they have this cool mix that you can add to your bubble to make them glow! So heads up moms your kids might love their new toy so much that they are up late at night! I have never before this seen any bubble that glow. I think I was more excited to get this then Aiden was lol!

Summer time is a great time to get your kids outdoors again. Get them off the computer and away from the TV. So getting something where they have to run, get wet, and play is just what they need. So how about getting them a KAOS Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher!!! All you have to do is fill up the balloon with water, place it on your launcher and toss it at the first kid (or parent) you see!!! Man why did they not have toys like this when I was little. I feel like I am reliving my childhood with my son. 

Here is the best one I think. Do you have a hard time tying knots in the end of the balloon? I know I do, and I hate trying because more often then not the water balloon will just pop on me! Well the fun toy you see here on your right, its called KAOS Tie Not Filler and it comes with 50 water bombs. With this one you hook it right up to your garden hose, twist the yellow stick onto the bottom and it helps you tie the water balloon. So now you get make more water balloons and faster too! 

So this summer make it a fun one with Imperial toys. Thank you so much for the great products. We will be having fun with them all summer long!!

Be sure to check out the Imperial Toy website to see all the fun toys they have coming out for your family’s enjoyment this spring and summer.  I would also love for you to give the Imperial Toy Facebook Page a follow so that you can stay up to date on all the new products they have coming out.
Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.


Julie G. said…
My son would LOVE the glowing bubbles!!!! How cool! All of these toys seem great!
G said…
With the water restrictions in my area, this looks like a cool way to have fun in warm weather.

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