TTC yoga DVD and FertileDetox giveaway

If you remember a little while ago I did review on a great fertility yoga DVD. Well thanks to Fairhaven health you are not only going to get that great yoga DVD. But you are also going to FertileDetox pill. FertileDetox is  designed for both males and females to take. You should take them about 3 months before actively trying to conceive up until you find out you are pregnant. The pills are really easy easy to take, you take one 3 times a day. So the best time to remember to take them is breakfast, lunch and then dinner. I have been taking the pills for about a month with no problems. In fact I have found that nails have grown so long, kinda like when you are taking prenatals.

April and I are both trying to become pregnant this year so we have both been taking this and both have felt good. I am having to wait a little longer only because we are getting ready to move and I wanted to get off of my birth control for 3 months before trying.

I can't tell you how important it is to make sure you are in good health before you try to get pregnant. That is one of the reasons why doctors tell you to take prenatals a few months before you start trying. This is the big reason why April and I am talking about so much about detoxing and fertility this month. Because we want everyone who is TTC (trying to conceive) to be well informed about their health.

We wish you all the best of luck this year and now its your turn to do something good for your health. How about winning your own FertileDetox and  fertility yoga DVD.

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Danielle said…
Sounds like a great product. I definitely agree in the importance of preparing yourself and your body before TTC. Best of luck!
Diddlepoyner said…
I think this would be helpful, I was reading that before you get preg you should pretty much be in good shape. It will help lol
cbreese said…
Great product! Would love to try.
Barker's Momma said…
Thanks so much for such an awesome giveaway!! :-)

ziggy28028 at yahoo dot com
Anonymous said…
Really cool giveaway!
Ashley S
ashley dot thur at utoronto dot ca
Esa said…
The dvd intrigues me
Esa said…
The dvd intrigues me
melissa torres said…
Hi just did every single thing i had to:) but it didnt let me write my name on anything. Thanks for giving us the chance to try these products
Terry73 said…
Thanks for the giveaway I can't believe I WON!! I'm so excited My Birthday Monday what A great birthday gift.You guy's or great I Been TTC FOR 3 year's I finally got Pregnant last summer but Miscarry at 14weeks I been trying to get healthy to prepare myself for my next Pregnancy the DVD & FertileDetox will help thank you & God Bless :-)
kathleenjames said…
Fertility Yoga DVDs are very good for women. Especially for upcoming mothers, it provides help on how to gain yourself confidence when you perform different yoga styles .

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