Why I want to cloth diaper

So as you all can tell this month we are going to over detoxing your body. But what about detoxing your children? Well lets start with the very first thing that they put on when they are born. Their diapers! While I am still not cloth diapering full time I will be by the time baby #2 comes. For many reasons, one in long the long run it is cheaper (I'll break it down for you) and two its non toxic.

Do you ever wounder why your child get diaper rashes. do you think it is because you don't change them enough? Its not that at all its because of  toxic crap that is in them. Let's take a look at what some of them are:

  • Sodium polyacrlate: this is the powder that turns into gel when the baby pees. Its what make the diaper absorbent. This is also know as SAP (super absorbent polymer), you know that stuff that they banned from tampons because it caused TSS (toxic shock syndrome). This also causes skin irritations, fever, vomiting and also scrotal bleeding in boys.
  • Dioxin: is used to bleach paper and the EPA has said this is the most toxic of cancer related chemicals. While there is a a lot in diaper, they are still there. In fact most countries have outlawed dioxin, yet they US still has not.
  • Tributyl-tin or TBT: this is a chemical that does not breakdown, so it stays in the environment. It also is an ingredient used in biocides to kill infecting organisms.
  • Then you add in the dyes, fragrances, plastics and others.
Of course the diaper industry will not tell you this because it will not sell. So what can we as moms do about it? CLOTH DIAPER. 

Now lets talk really fast about the cost of cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers. While the cost up front may be a lot lets look at the long term.
New born -73 count: $19.99
size 1/2 192 count: $34.36
size 3 156 count: $24.32
size  4 140 count: $33.60
size 5 120 count: $34.80
size 6 100 count: $34.00
Now then lets say you change your baby's diaper ever 4 hours that about 42 diapers a week, that's about 2184 diapers a year, on the LOW side. So your first year you are spending about $415. So by the time your kid is let say 4 you spent about $2588 (keep in mind as the diaper gets bigger you get less diapers and pay more). And that's on the low side.

So how much is it to get a cloth diaper. Well they can run anywhere for $10 each up to $20. So if you plan on washing the diapers ever other day you will need to buy about 9-12 so the most. So your diaper cost is about $1000 TOTAL! Half and you can use it on all the kids and you will never have to buy new ones, toss them out or worrying about them out growing it. Sure its a lot up front but you are saving $2588 for ever kid you have!!! 

Well I guess I will have to post later about the cool diapers I got. I just wanted you guys to get an idea as to why I want to cloth diaper more.


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