#getclean with shaklee, best cleaning product EVER!!!!

Can I just say here and now that I love love love shaklee. I have tried a small sample of it once about a year ago and it worked wonders. But now that we where getting ready to move out of our house we needed so really good cleaning stuff. So when I got my big box of goodies from shaklee about a week before I moved I was so thrilled! In this box I got: window cleaner, a degreaser, an all purpose cleaner, laundry soap, dish washer soap, hand soap, and so much more. So I had a ton of great cleaning products to use.

What I think I love most about shaklee, other then it's water based. There is no harmful chemical smell. Last time I moved I got really sick because of all the cleaning products I used and all the nasty chemical smell. Because lets face it if you have little ones or are pregnant you don't want to have all tht nasty stuff in the air. But now I bet your asking, "yeah but how well does it work?" Have you ever had something spill in the refrigator and can't get it up? Well I found this spot in the frige that is ether beat juice or great juice (not easy to clean). I used a little of the all propose cleaner and look at it now!

One16oz bottle of Shaklee make 48 GALLONS of all purpose cleaner! The 16 oz bottle is about $12.15, think about how much money you will save by using Shaklee. To make the all purpose cleaner all you need to do is add 1/4 tsp. to 16 oz bottle of water! For windows/mirrors, add 1-2 drops to 16 oz water. And for your heavy duty degreaser add 1 1/2 tep ot 16 oz water.

Here is another photo of how I got to use the degreaser, I cleaned the stove and its really really shiny now.  
Before                                                                          After

After using this I will never ever buy any other cleaner. Even our glass cups are cleaner from using Shaklee.  This review and giveaway was made possible by the Shaklee Corporation & Mom Spark Media. Incentives, product and support were provided. Thoughts are my own.  Any and all opinions are my own and where not influenced in any way. I also revived the Shaklee product in exchange for a review.


About A Mom said…
I love Shaklee cleaning products! It's nice knowing that I am using that is both safe for my family and the environment!
Minding Spot said…
Wow, that's a lot of cleaner from one 16 oz bottle. I love the fact it's water based and no harsh chemical smell :)
I just had the opportunity to try the Shaklee products! I love the All-purpose cleaner and the laundry products! Great before and after photos!

Mariah, Formula Mom

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