is this the month?

So as I am sure you all know based off the detox blog event I have been trying to eat right and detox so I am become pregnant. While getting pregnant might be easy for some and hard for other it is still really important to get your body on track the best you can. Well I have been trying to find out when I ovulate. Most people ovulate on  the 14th day, I found out that I don't. I am an odd ball and ovulate on the 23rd day. Again most people do not and it is good to find out when you do ovulate if you are trying to become pregnant.

Well I have been taking test after test after test and every time I got a big fat NO. Well one night (April 6th) I had a dream that I took a test and it came back positive. When I woke the next day, I had one test left  so I decided to go ahead and take the test. Even though I had taken one a few days before. So I took the test and then saw this...

 It was faint but it was there! I was only 4 maybe 5 week along at this point. I really was shocked! I was not expecting to have it happen that fast. I also thought that maybe it was a false positive so I took another one or two... ok ok I ended up taking five test over the next two week!!!

I got a different brad this time. It was just a target one. I took this one a few days later. The test came up positive also. However are you can tell it was supposed to show a plus sign, and the horizontal line showed up for about a minute but then only the vertical line was there. So I waited a few more days and then took yet another test and that one came up very positive!

So it looks like I am sure Dec 9th. I am also going with a midwife (who I see May 2nd) but I will be birthing at the hospital due to factor 5 (my husband and son both have it). I can't wait to share more into with you all ever week. Even Monday I am going to be making a post called Maternity Monday where I will telling you how far along I am, what my morning sickness has been (not fun so far) and what great product I have that  are helping.

I wish you all the best of luck in your TTC. Don't feel sad if you are having problems, because there is always someone there to help you and support you. Good luck again and think positive!


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