K5 Learning Review

For the past 6 weeks my daughter has had the opportunity to use K5 online learning. My daughter is only 4 years old, so she is a little young for all of the features. She did not utilize the spelling words section or the math facts section. Although I did look at both of those sections and think they would be great for students in at least 1st grade.

Math facts matrix courtesy of K5
My daughter enjoyed both the math and the reading lessons. I would give her the option to choose whether or not to do math or reading. Some days she’d do several lessons in both subjects. Other days she’d do just reading or just math. I usually helped her with the lessons, but towards the end she got better about doing some of them completely on her own.
Emarose loved the math. She liked it when a train came on the screen to have her count. She also liked how there was dot to dots. The activities varied and since she was classified as early kindergarten mostly worked on counting forward and backward, recognizing numbers, using a timeline, etc. Emarose found counting backwards to be difficult at first. So much so, that I worried the program was too hard for her. I showed her several times what they were doing and just walked her through the steps. I know that she didn’t know it on her own, but I helped teach it to her. After several times of helping her with it, she soon became able to do more of it on her own. As a parent, I could also choose lessons for her if need be. This was nice because then I could give her something easier to help boost her confidence and then she could go back and work on the harder stuff.
The reading portion was also great. It included letter recognition, vocabulary, and even comprehension. Again sometimes I’d have to help my preschooler, but sometimes she surprised me with the correct answer.
Math curriculum covers numbers and operations (arithmetic from simple counting through fractions and beyond), measurement (including telling time and counting money), geometry, beginning algebra and data analysis. While the Reading curriculum covers five key skill areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Each lesson is broken into segments: an interactive tutorial, one or more practice segments and finally a quiz. Segments are typically about 5 minutes long, allowing for short but effective study sessions
If you have a student in grades K-5 this would be a great way to reinforce concepts taught at school. This would also be great practice for homeschoolers. Check out the sample lessons. K5 also offer a Free 14 day trial. Make sure you check out K5 on their Blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages. My daughter has since asked it she can do her math or reading game again. She loves it and you will too!


Jennifer said…
I homeschool my 2 girls. So I'll have to check this out:)
My son is a little young for this, but never too early to get a head start!
Isra said…
Im always looking for educational tech products, sounds interesting. I don't homeschool, but I supplement *heavily* my kids schooling.
I'm always looking for great resources to aid in teaching my kids. Thanks for the information!

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