Maternity Monday

So this last week has been the hardest week for me, I had the worst morning, no afternoon no evening sickness. It started when I woke up more morning and could no longer lay down, I had to go and sleep on the couch just to be at an angle. I would get dizzy, nausea, but lucky I have not thrown up. However I was at the point last week where I wish I could because it might make me feel better. When I was pregnant with Aiden i never had it this bad. Most of the time I just felt sick when I would smell someone cooking. I could eat with no problem but smelling food cooking made me feel sick.

So I tired every thing from eating small meals more often, to eating crackers, to drinking more water and still no help. So I got my preggie pops in the next day! YAY!
I loved the peppermint, lavender and spearmint ones. The Sour Raspberry is good but it does not taste sour at all to me and I think its kinda sweet. This has helped me a lot, but the only problem I have with it is.... my son thinks it for him! He see me sucking on a lolly pop and he comes running and pulls it right out of my hand! 

Preggie Pops are all natural and drug free. They us essential oils that help with the morning sickness. I am just to grateful that I was able to try preggie pops to help me out. You can get preggie pops from three lollies or you can get them from the motherhood store!


Julie G. said…
I love preggie pops... they totally helped with morning sickness... or early evening sickness for me :) When I would get that queasy feeling... which was very often i would suck on one and it helped out tons!
Melissa said…
I didn't have severe morning sickness, but still sickness nonetheless.. :) Preggie Pops really helped me!
Charis's Mum said…
Hope you get over your nausea soon!! MS is HORRIBLE.
ellen said…
blah, i am right there with you. i'll have to pick up some of these soon.
I almost bought some preggie pops when I had morning sickness with this pregnancy. But my morning sickness went away very early.. it only lasted 3 weeks. I'm afraid I won't be so lucky next time around! :(
charychild said…
I wish I'd known about these when I was pregnant! I had constant low grade nausea right up until the last month. Rarely enough to send me to the bathroom, but always bad enough that I just didn't want to get out of bed.
mmmorgans said…
I wish I would have known about these when I was pregnant!
Teresa Peschke said…
I swore by preggie drops when I was pregnant with my first. I coulden't have the pops on the sales floor but I could sneak the drops and they were a life saver!
Zephyr Hill said…
Morning sickness can be so tough to deal with, especially when you have other children. So glad you found relief with the Preggie Pops. My morning sickness was too bad for them to help! Anne Sweden

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