Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Family Cloth Wipes

I’m excited that as part of the Mother’s Day cloth hop we have a set of 15 monkey wipes from Family Cloth Wipes. This is a very nice Etsy shop.
This was my first experience using cloth wipes. Previously, I’d either use disposable wipes or used a wet washcloth.
Why did I want to use cloth wipes?
Cost-why buy disposable wipes all the time when I could save money on cloth just like with cloth diapers.
Convenience- I rarely change my baby in the bathroom or next to a trash can. If I use cloth wipes, I don’t have to mess with what to do with my wipes. Just throw in the wet bag or diaper pail with my diaper laundry. Wash with my diapers. Simple!
There are different methods for using cloth wipes. Some people use wipe solutions and either pre-wet the wipes or wet as needed. Yet others just run under water or use a spray bottle. I’m still experimenting to find a method that I like best.
Just like with cloth diapers you need to wash the wipes before use. After a couple washes these wipes were ready for use.
What I liked:
The friendliness of the shop- I had questions with it being my first time using cloth wipes. Not only did they respond to my questions, they also emailed after a week or so to check on how things were going. FYI…my question was regarding water beading up on the wipes. If this happens to you make sure you wash them some more. It should help.
The cute monkey print- It’s adorable, and if you aren’t into monkeys there are other cute prints to pick from such as sports, dinos, cats, etc. There are also solid colors.

Here is a picture of the cute monkey wipes I received.
The softness- The wipes are made from 100% cotton flannel and are double layered. The flannel was soft to begin with and is still soft after washing and line drying. I line dried them just because it was easier since that is what I do with my diaper laundry. You could dry these if you wish. However, even with them drying on the line they came out soft and not crunchy.
The size- they are big enough to handle messes, but not too big. They measure 6” X 8” and are serged with rounded corners.
Here you can see the size of the wipe compared to my hand
Here are some ways you can use cloth wipes:
  • Little bottoms
  • Messy faces
  • Dirty hands
  • Wiping noses
  • Great for diaper bags for whatever mess comes your way.
  • Family Cloth
  • Washcloths
I wish I had another set that I could set aside for wiping my kids messy hands and faces after dinner.
Be sure to check out the Etsy shop, and also like on facebook, and twitter pages. Giveaway is coming in May!
Win It: During the Mother’s Day Cloth hop in may 1 winner will win the same set of 15 monkey wipes that I received.


Charis's Mum said…
My favorite are the pink baby wipes.
Rachierach85 said…
we have decided to use cloth wipes for baby since we are cloth diapering too. Excited to start using them, and i am loving the monkey print!

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