Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Leettle Hands & Feet

As I have been cloth diapering my son, I've used mostly pocket diapers. However I find that this option doesn't last all night. So in order to prevent leaks and wet sheets I've looked into some other nighttime diapering options.

While I was searching I came across Leettle Hands & Feet. The shop owner Alanna is a stay at home mom with 2 children. She came up with the name from her youngest son's nickname "Leetle", and because she wanted to be the "Hands & Feet" for Jesus to help those in need. She gives
100% of sales profits to World Vision International. She also just finished up doing a diaper drive for D.F.W. cloth diaper project. That project was for getting cloth diapers to needy families. I love that this company is all about giving back and helping others.

I was sent a Red One Sized Diaper Cover Hybrid. I've only ever used a cover a handful of times prior to this one, and I hated that one. However, this cover is awesome.

Front view of cover: Plenty of room to grow

Back view

I love:
Variety of ways to use- I can use it to cover up a fitted diaper, pre-folds, or just stuff it with cloth diaper inserts I already have. I have tested it out each way, and all seem to work great.
I've used this cover overnight over a fitted diaper, and also over a pre-fold. During the day, I've tested it out with a insert or 2 tucked inside the flap.

Cover stuffed with a cloth diaper insert 

Cover stuffed with a folded prefold diaper

Can reuse cover- love that I don't have to wash the cover every time. I can reuse a couple times as long as baby didn't soil cover. This eliminates the need for taking as many covers with me in the diaper bag and makes for less on laundry day.
One size- I like that it is adjustable and can fit 35 lbs or more.
Colors- The one I got was a nice vibrant shade of red. Covers also available in a variety of colors including pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and white.
Affordable- At only $7.50 these are a bargain. Plus they are currently on sale for $5 each. Sale lasts through the end of May or until current stock runs out. Cover is well made and high quality.
Snap closure- this is my personal preference. I seem to forget to place velcro on laundry tabs on velcro closures. Plus I'm worried about my toddler taking off the velcro. The snaps are durable and work great on this diaper. I'm able to get a good fit.

What I'd change?

I dislike the need to use a separate cover as this makes it hard to put on a squirmy, wiggly, toddler. However, this would be true with any diaper cover. Not much you can do about it. That said, I love that if I want I could put the pre-fold or diaper insert inside the cover flap. Then when I do put it on baby, it is basically just one step like with my other diapers.

I had a hard time getting the adjustment right over my nighttime fitted diaper. I'm not sure whether it was the diaper, the cover, or my lack of experience with fitteds and covers. Sometimes I'd see red marks on his legs from where the cover was. However, I think this was due to me not having it on properly. I feel this way because it seemed that it only happened on nights when he squirmed a lot when I put it on him. On days when he behaved for diaper changes, the leg elastics were nice and snug without leaving red marks. I also never had a problem with the marks when using a pre-fold or diaper insert. So I'm thinking it was user error and not the cover.

In addition to the covers she also sells diapers, wet bags, baby legs, detergent, etc. Check out her sales as currently some diapers are as low as $6 and include 2 inserts. I think the most expensive diaper I saw on her site was $11 for bamboo prints such as Spidey or Woodland Camo. This is an awesome value for what you are getting.

Be sure to visit Leettle Baby Blog and follow by email. Also follow on Facebook, and Twitter. This will prepare you for future giveaway.

Win it: Look for a giveaway coming May 1st during the Mother's Day Cloth hop.


BabyRoadlander said…
I'm impressed that the diaper can handle 35lbs or MORE. Plus, at $5 each puts them in my poor mommy price range so that my hefty toddler who is still not potty trained can add some spice to his diaper life and our diaper dollar and stash can be stretched a little further.

I'm having a hard time telling from the pictures, but the edging is not FOE, is it?

-Justice Montgomery

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