Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Giggle Life

I've been cloth diapering for over a year. Recently, I've had problems finding something that will last overnight without leaks. That led me to search for a diaper for nighttime. I found the company Giggle Life. The diapers looked great, and I was given the opportunity to try a Bamboo diaper in Baby Blue.

2 bamboo inserts, 1 Baby Blue Diaper

About the Diaper:
The Diaper is a one size pocket diaper which came with 2 bamboo insets. Both inserts are included, and you can use with 1 or 2 bamboo inserts at a time depending on your need. The diaper has a super soft minky outside, and is lined with soft natural bamboo. The bamboo inserts are made of 100% natural fiber. This was my first time using bamboo inserts, and they are very trim. Not nearly as thick as the microfiber inserts I have. At first I wondered if they would leak because of how trim they were. Not so, I have not had one leak with this diaper! I have left it on overnight for 12-14 hours with no problems.
Since the diaper is a one-size diaper it has 3 rows of snaps for the rise and multiple snaps for the waist. It also has crossover snaps for small babies. The diaper fits 8-33 lbs.

Features I love:
Bamboo- I love this! Diaper doesn't leak even when left on overnight or long hours.
Fit- Bamboo inserts make this diaper fit nice and trim on my baby. Not as fluffy as some of his other diapers. Yet it can hold more than some of his other cloth diapers. It also fits snugly around waist. No gaps in the front.
Front View- Fits nice and snug around waist. No gaps or wing drooping.
Hip snaps- 2nd row of snaps on waist adjustment. I love this because it prevents drooping on small waisted babies.
2 inserts- love that it comes with 2 and I can use as many as I need.
leg elastic- snug fitting around his legs. Yet doesn't leave any marks.
customer service- Giggle life included a paper describing the diaper, how to set the rise settings, how to wash, and FAQ. I love this since not everyone has experience with cloth diapers and this helps people to avoid common mistakes. 

Suggestions for improvement?
Honestly I had a hard time with this one. I can only think of 2. 1st one is the snaps are a little hard to snap sometimes. This is good and bad. Good because it keeps my boy from being able to unsnap and take off his own diaper. Bad because it makes it a bit harder to put the diaper on my son.
2nd one is that I wish that it came in more prints/colors. This diaper comes in 6 colors- baby blue, green, pink, yellow, red and white. However I love prints and I also would like to see black, brown, and orange solid color diapers.

Overall I absolutely love this diaper. As soon as its cleaned, I end up using it that same day. It has become one of my favorite overnight diapers. So much so that I have rarely been able to use it during the day, because it is always dirty from using it overnight. I strongly suggest the use of bamboo diapers from Giggle Life.

Giggle Life has offered readers a promo code. Enter "MKRBL", plus your child's age and gender in the comment section during the checkout. You will receive a FREE gift valued from $7.99 to $34.99 when you purchase 12 or more diapers.
Win it: Giveaway coming May 1st as part of the Mother's Day Cloth Hop.  Prepare for the giveaway by Liking Giggle life on Facebook.


Melissa said…
I love that this diaper is made with bamboo and doesn't leak!

huntermb3 at gmail dot com
Charis's Mum said…
My favorite is the red Giggle Life Bamboo Cloth Diaper.
ellen said…
i've never heard of this brand, but it looks great! i love bamboo.

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