Ohh, Baby, Baby Sponsor Spotlight: Sew is your Baby

I am pleased to say that I had the opportunity to work with sew is your baby. I received a "sky blue" solid silky pocket diaper.
Picture of diaper I received- note the cross over snap in the middle.
Let's talk about the diaper I received:

Style: It's a one size pocket diaper with 1 insert. It has 3 rows of snaps to adjust the rise. The diaper also has 8 snaps to adjust the waist setting plus 3 hip snaps on each side. Another feature is that this diaper has crossover snaps. Crossover snaps are great for getting the diaper to fit snugly on a tiny baby.

How I use:
1. Make sure you prewash and prep all your new diapers. This helps them to be absorbent. I just threw it in with my diaper laundry a couple times before putting it on baby.
2. I pre-stuff my pocket diapers so that they are ready to use when I need them. Just snap on baby and you are done. No separate covers involved.
Picture of pocket opening. Plenty of room to stuff inserts in.

3. Once soiled, remove insert and place diaper and insert in pail until laundry day.

What I like:
1. Snaps- I know some people like velcro, but I haven't actually tried that. I'm afraid my baby would pull off velcro or that it would deteriorate with frequent washes. These snaps seem to durable and aren't too hard to snap on like some of my snap diapers. Plus it has many settings to help me get a perfect fit.
2. Prints- Although I didn't receive a print, Sew is your baby sells many cute diaper prints including one that looks like a spider web from Spiderman. Also sold are animal prints, hearts, stars, etc. I'm sure you will find one you love.
3. Leg elastic- The elastic on this diaper fits great around my sons legs. I have a skinnier kid, and sometimes the leg elastic tends to have a gap. This one fits nice and snug with no gaps. It fits nicely and doesn't leave a mark on his skin.
Front view of diaper- here you can see that it fits nice around legs without leaving a mark.

If using only 1 insert I can only use this diaper for 3-4 hours or he will leak. Like most pocket diapers I don't trust it over night even with 2 inserts. 60% of the time, I have issues with these diapers leaking overnight. For my guy, Bamboo inserts do help for overnight. That said, if you used 2 bamboo inserts this diaper would probably work overnight.

I like this diaper and use it frequently. It fits my guy nicely and seems to be made well.

One thing I like about this company is that the diapers are affordable at only $12.50 for the one I received. I think the most expensive diaper I saw on the site was less than $20 for a bamboo print diaper. Sew is your baby also sells wet bags, baby leg warmers, detergent, wipes, and changing mats. Sew is your baby is offering our readers 5% off use the code diaperme!

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Win it: As part of the Ohh, baby, baby, giveaway hop one lucky winner will receive a silk diaper that includes 1 insert.


tarzan said…
Wow, these diapers are looking awesome and your guidance about them is also great.Diapers are very essential thing for newborn baby .Their skin is very soft and rashes can happen over it.So, we have to use a good quality of diapers whose stuff should be very smooth and soft.Very informative post.pampers new baby
sueparks2003 said…
I luv the way it looks! It fits so well. Great price too, I'll need to check them out sometimes their prints sound fun.
Gladys P
sps1113 at yahoo dot com
jengardner said…
i love trying new brands of diapers. These look very nice and soft and I definitely agree with your comment about snaps over velcro. My kids have started taking their velcro dipes off at night.

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