Ohh Baby Baby Sponsor Spotlight: Precious Bottoms

I've found an awesome diaper company Precious Bottoms Diaper Service. I'm excited that I get to work with them for several reviews and giveaways in the next few months. Make sure you like them on facebook, twitter and follow their blog to be ready for the many upcoming giveaways from them.
Here is a little information about Precious Bottoms Diaper Service. They are a Diaper Service for those that are in San Diego or Central California. For those clients, they have weekly drop off/ pick up of diapers. No dirty work at all.
They also have a boutique where you can buy cloth diapers and accessories, training pants, wet bags, detergents, amber necklaces, baby legs, and more.
Precious Bottoms Diaper Service has excellent customer service and has responded in a timely manner to all my emails and questions. I was also told that if you were to have problems with a diaper to contact them and they will try to make it right.

1st up for review is a Kawaii Heavy Wetter Diaper in brown dotty. This diaper is a one size pocket diaper and it came with 2 microfiber inserts. It is made with 3 rows of rise snaps so the diaper can fit babies from 8-36 lbs.

Front view of diaper-set on Medium rise setting. Plenty of room to grow.

Back View of diaper on my wiggle worm
Leg elastic fits nicely against his legs and isn't too tight. No red marks.

What I like:
Fit- I like that this diaper will fit my child from birth- potty training. (Note if you have really small newborn babies or big kids not yet ready for potty training you may need another diaper.) However all of my kids were 8 lbs or more at birth, and my 4 year old just barely reached the 36 lb weight. So for me, I see this working.
Cross over snap- Great for getting a perfect fit with tiny babies.
Hip snaps: For me this is almost a must. My boy has a skinny waist and is usually on the small/medium waist setting. If the diaper doesn't have hip snaps, it causes wing droop. Thankfully this diaper has hip snaps, so no drooping.
Print: It is a simple, but cute print. Kawaii diapers come in a variety of cute prints.
Style: I like that it is a pocket diaper and I can pre-stuff it and have it ready for use. Just simply put on, and done. No separate cover. I love that I don't need a separate cover, because my 21 month old boy (wiggle worm) doesn't hold still for diaper changes. He wants to be up and going, before its back on.
2 inserts:I like that it comes with 2 inserts so that you can add more if needed for overnight or heavy wetting.
Price: $9.75 for a diaper that comes with 2 inserts. Seems to be good quality at a great price.

Even with 2 inserts this diaper can't withstand overnight with my boy. This is true at least 60% of the time with most of my pocket diapers.

Overall this is a good diaper. I have several Kawaii diapers that I use on a regular basis.

Win it: One lucky winner of the Ohh Baby Baby hop will get a Kawaii Diaper. (Pattern chosen by Precious Bottoms.)


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