Sponsor spot light: Sweet Pea Maternity (ohh, baby, baby)

Hey guys Kiki's Fashion got a great make over. They are now called Sweet Pea Maternity, but they still have their cute maternity cloths. I just love Sweet Pea's cloths, because 9 out of 10 times you can wear their cloths after you have the baby too. The other great thing about them is that they are cheap, and I don't mean their cloth are made cheaply! Have you seen the price of maternity shirts? They can run you up to $150, if not more! But I got this really cute trendy shirt for under $25

Yes I said it under $25, (ps they are sold out of this top) and most of the time you can find some really cute ones that are clearanced. This really is the one non stop shop for your maternity cloths.

The other (there are so many others) thing that I love about Sweet Pea's shirts is that they are all long. Most of the time you get maternity shirt that are kinda short and as you grow you have to stop using the shirt. They also do a great job helping you look "more" pregnant. I remember the first time I was pregnant I wanted to look and be so big, I wanted to show off my bump. But that did not happen until near the end, so Sweet Pea really does a great job (if you want it) to help you show the world that you are expecting.

So when, and if you are pregnant you really have to head over to Sweet Pea Maternity if you want to find the latest in cute trendy maternity dresses, shirt and pants for a killer deal!

I want to say thank you to Sweet Pea Maternity for not only letting have this great product to review but also that one of my readers got to win one too.


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