Why are Moms Perfectionists

Why are Moms Perfectionists
Perfectionist Moms
Perfectionism comes naturally to most mothers. They strive for perfection in all walks of life, be it raising their children, managing the household, taking care of their homes or excelling at their jobs. There is a reason why all mothers are perfectionists: every woman is conditioned from a young age to carry out all her roles with perfection and this feeling becomes stronger once she is a mom. Also, women constantly compare themselves to their own mothers, aunts and peers whom they have seen carrying out every role with perfection. This inspires them to work harder and strive hard to attain perfection in every walk of life.
A perfectionist mom always wants her home to be spic-and-span, well-maintained and beautifully decorated. She takes pride in such a home and works hard to maintain it. A perfectionist mother also grooms her children in the best possible manner - sending them to the best schools, teaching them good manners, encouraging them to excel in studies and to participate in all extracurricular activities. Children of perfectionist moms also pick up some of her traits and put in their best efforts in every walk of life. In addition to her duties as a mother and home-maker, the perfectionist mother strives to do well in her chosen career too, working hard to manage well on all fronts. She also knows how to manage her social life in an impeccable manner - a perfectionist mother is a great host and cook too.

Striking a Balance
Mothers are the ones, who build homes and families, hence when they aim for perfection they create an environment of growth and positivity. However, it is important for perfectionist moms to strike a balance and not judge themselves all the time. Acceptance of one's strengths and weaknesses, and an objective assessment of one's potential help to keep things in perspective and to maintain a positive frame of mind. This helps to set realistic goals and avoid any guilt and tension even if some of the things don't go as planned by a perfectionist.
Prioritizing is equally important for a perfectionist mother - it helps her in deciding where to apply her energies and when to take things a little easy. Though a perfectionist tries to do her best in every role, sometimes there isn't enough time to manage all things in one go. Keeping some time aside every day for rest, rejuvenation and entertainment is a must for every perfectionist mom as it helps in recharging her energies. Also important is to let others in the house share responsibilities. In fact allowing your kids to help out with chores is a great way to boost their self-esteem too.
Last but not the least, every perfectionist mom should understand that every woman is different and has her own ways to strike a perfect balance in her life. Thus there is no need for comparisons with other women. Perfectionism when handled with a balanced approach can be the biggest strength of a woman and a mother.

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It's hard not to judge yourself, no matter what your role in the family. I have been called a perfectionist but I don't agree with those opinions.

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