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Almost every child gets a diaper rash at some point in time. Although those in cloth can get them less frequently they may still occur. What do you do when you get a diaper rash? Do you put on any old diaper rash cream? Well not if you want to keep your cloth diapers safe. Many butt creams contain zinc which is not good for your cloth diapers. Thankfully CJ BUTTer is cloth diaper safe.
Cj's Assortment
CJ BUTTer send me several samples including:
CJ BUTTer original unscented, CJ BUTTer plus, CJ BUTTer Mango, Sugar & Mint, CJ BUTTer Vegan Lavender & Tea Tree, and CJ's creamy lullaby baby lotion.

I first tried the original CJ BUTTer. It is made with all natural ingredients and has many uses in addition to being a diaper safe butt cream. I liked how this one smelled (or lack thereof) and it went on nice. It worked for my sons occasional rashes. However, I did discover one rash it didn't work for.

The rash it didn't work for looked like pimples to my husband and popped blisters to me. He only had it in a few spots, but still I didn't want it to get worse. I talked to some cloth diapering mamas and they thought it sounded like a possible yeast rash. Thankfully the CJ's BUTTer Plus has ingredients to treat fungal skin problems. Yeast, thrush, and athlete's foot are said to be helped by this formula. I decided to try it out. The rash looked a lot better within just a couple of days of applying the Plus formula. So this worked for me. If you do have a yeast rash, you might need to wash your diapers real good to make sure that they won't cause the rash to reoccur.

Now I loved the smell of the Mango, Sugar, & Mint BUTTer. However I just didn't like the Lavender & Tea Tree scent. CJ's has many scents available though and I'm sure you'll find several you like. I'd love to try the Warm Vanilla Cake,  Toasted almond & cherry blossom, or Love Spell scents.
My red, dry hand with lotion not rubbed in all the way.
I'm so glad that they included a sample of the lotion for me to try. I have dry skin and sometimes my hands get so bad that they are cracking and beginning to bleed. In fact shortly after receiving the lotion my hands were so bleeding from being so badly chapped. I remembered I had the lotion. So out it came. The lullaby baby lotion scent reminded me of baby lotion or shampoo. I would say it smelled like a baby. It wouldn't be my scent of choice, but it wasn't bad either. I put on just a little tab on my hands and on my dry elbows. A little lotion seemed to go a long way. The lotion wasn't too thick or goopy feeling when I put it on. Even though I was putting it on super dry, chapped, bleeding skin this lotion didn't hurt or sting like some do. It left my skin feeling better after one application. After 3-4 applications my hands were no longer bleeding at all. Within days my skin was cleared up and not chap at all. I love this lotion.

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Zephyr Hill said…
I didn't know that CJ's had a cream with ingredients to treat fungal rashes. Thanks for a great review! Anne Sweden
kevin smith said…
The longer he leaves it, the deeper the fungus grows into his skin, an he harder it is to get it removed. Tell him to get it checked out immediately.

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