Pregnancy awareness month and giveaway!

Hey all I am so sorry I did not post this Monday, I had my parents come from out of town and I had way to much fun hanging out with them. So this is to make up for Monday. May is Pregnancy Awareness Month and I would love to share some tips with you about  staying healthy during your pregnancy. And best part is, at the end you have a chance to win a Knocked-Up Fitness DVD set and a Mama2b fitbook from Fitlosophy.

Tip 1: Eat nutritiously and make sure you take your vitamins. Pregnant women should adhere to a healthy diet that includes daily servings of whole grains, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables. A diet filled with the right foods can help you avoid conditions such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Tip 2: Avoid toxins and chemicals that may harm your baby, including many common household solvents and cleaning agents. If you must use these chemicals, make sure the room is well ventilated and wear appropriate clothing to protect your skin. Belly Armor suggests stocking up Seventh Generation products.
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Tip 3: Protect your baby from radiation. These days it seems nearly impossible to avoid the radiation that comes from common technology like ipads, cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices, but attention has recently been brought to the harmful effects of these products on a fetus. Taking the precaution of shielding against radiation exposure throughout pregnancy can significantly lower the health risks.  Belly Armor products use RadiaShield® technology, which is integrated with basic maternity wear and accessories, to shield more than 99 percent of radiation, making every day tasks safer for mom and her growing baby.
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Tip 4: Drink water. It is important for pregnant women to drink enough water to maintain proper circulation. Try to drink several full glasses of water per day to help you stay hydrated. This is especially important during times of excessive heat.

Tip 5: Keep Your Body and Mind Fit.  Maintaining a regular exercise routine two or three times a week and eating wisely throughout pregnancy can help you stay healthy and decrease some common discomforts, such as backaches and fatigue. Pilates is known to be the safest and most effective type of exercise during pregnancy as it helps to strengthen your core, which makes for an easier labor and delivery. Try Knocked-Up Fitness DVDs with pilates master Erica Ziel.
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Tip 6: Set goals and track your progress.  Use the Fitlosophy Mama2b Fitbook to ensure an active and healthy pregnancy. The Mama2b Fitbook is a notebook that includes a guide to determine a goal for healthy baby weight gain, tips for a fit pregnancy, and power pregnancy foods to feed a growing baby bump.
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