Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Red Barn Cloth Diapers post 1 of 2

I'm thrilled that I was given the opportunity to work with Red Barn Cloth Diapers. 

Jeni the shop owner and her husband live in a big red barn. Hence the name. She is very nice, and has answered all my questions in a timely manner.  First up is a diaper review and Coming Soon is a wool wrap review.

I have had the opportunity to review a Nifty Nappy Heavy Doody fitted diaper.  Although I had no experience with fitted diapers, shop owner suggested this diaper to me as a nighttime solution. It has worked wonders. I can leave it on my baby for 10-12 hours overnight with no leaks. Yay!
The diaper is a one size diaper. This is great because it will fit small newborn babies, and still fit older toddlers. You can view a video of how to put on a newborn here. I don't have a newborn to try it out on, but it looks like it would work great on a small baby.
The body of the diaper is made in 3 layers. 
-Outer layer: Organic Hemp fleece
-Sandwich layer: Organic Hemp fleece
-Inside layer: Microfleece

The insert has 2 sides. The softer side is bamboo velour and this is what goes against the babies bum.  The other side is hemp. The bamboo velour draws the moisture into the hemp. I like that the insert feels soft against my babies skin.
Folded insert and Diaper
Insert laying inside diaper
Front View
Back view

Features I like:
Fit- This diaper fits snugly around my sons waist and legs. Doesn't have any gaps, but doesn't leave any red marks.  Also much trimmer fit than some of my diapers.
Absorbent- Able to use over night and for naps with no leaks whatsoever. The Heavy Doody diaper is made to work on super heavy wetters when nothing else works including the super absorbent Nifty Nappy. This diaper has worked wonders for my child overnight!
Diaper inside- I love the red inner. It looks so nice. Especially with the red stitching and snaps. The inside also doesn't show stains easily.
Softness- not only is the insert soft against babies bum, but diaper doesn't get crunchy when I air dry it. I air dry because it safes money, and also sunning the diapers helps with any stains. I love that this diaper is still soft after being out in the AZ sun to dry!
Snap closure- This is my personal preference because otherwise my son would be taking off his diaper. Snaps are easy to use too and have plenty of snaps for getting it adjusted to fit just right.
Shop- Jeni has great customer service. She answers questions in a timely manner and is there to help you in your cloth diapering endeavor.

Colors/Prints- if it could be available in different designs that would be awesome.

I wish it didn't need a separate cover, because my son does not like to stay still for diaper changes. However, this is true for all fitted diapers. That is just an aspect of this style. I can't wait to try the wool wrap over this diaper to see if I like that type of cover better than my current covers.

Win it: As part of the Mother's Day hop you can win either a Heavy Doody fitted diaper or a Wool Wrap from Red Barn Cloth Diapers.  

Be sure to like Red Barn on Facebook to prepare for the giveaway. Check back soon for the Wool Wrap review!


Charis's Mum said…
I LOVE fitted diapers, especially at night time when paired with a wool cover.
Beth R said…
They have the most adorable prints! I also love the red liner so cute!! We have one and I would love more. Very well made!
beth.rees333 at gmail dot com
sueparks2003 said…
I luv that they are green all the way through. This company obviously cares very much about our environment and the following generations. The diaper follows suit. The bamboo velour has to super soft. Luv them both.
Gladys P
jennifer said…
we LOVE fitted diapers for nighttime, but have not yet had the pleasure of trying Nifty Nappy.

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