Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Tiger Tooshies

As a cloth diaper mama, I'm a sucker for cute diapers. I found an etsy shop called Tiger Tooshies that has the most adorable diapers. I was able to review an AI2 Cat in the hat diaper from this shop.

Front view- fits nicely around his legs.

Smallest setting

Largest setting

Snap in side of inserts

Other side of inserts

AI2. This means that the diaper inserts can snap into the diaper instead of being stuffed in like with a pocket diaper. It came with 2 inserts. A smaller newborn insert, and a bigger insert. These inserts can snap into the diaper either in the front (boy) or back (girl). Conveniently this is color coded blue or pink for new parents, babysitters, grandparents, etc. The newborn insert can also lay on top of the bigger insert as a booster when using this diaper for prolonged periods of time. These inserts are made from layers of Cotton nylon,flannel ,zorb and with a soft Organic bamboo fleece against the baby's bottom.
One size- This diaper fits from 8-35 lbs or more. Theressa the shop owner's son is still wearing them to bed at 45 lbs. She said 35 lbs just to be on the safe side. Most likely it will fit even longer then 35 lbs. Since this diaper will fit a variety of sizes it has 3 rows of rise snaps. Completely snapped for tiny newborns, snapped halfway for medium size, and completely unsnapped for bigger kids. Also includes 2 rows of waist snaps with crossover snaps for smaller babies.

As with all cloth diapers you need to wash before using. She recommends 3-6 times as the absorbency increases the more they are washed. Theressa kindly provides a information sheet about washing cloth diapers, and wet/dry pail methods.  Great for those new to cloth diapering!

The diaper is a cotton outer made with a hidden layer of PUL (which keeps it waterproof so you won't need a separate cover.). It also has a small strip of Zorb (which is a super absorbent material.) The Zorb helps for over nites or when the diaper is on for a long time.  It is lined with Cotton Velour.

Here are just a few of the cute prints she has:

She also has custom diapers available where you can choose from fabric she has, or mail in a piece of fabric you like and she'll make a diaper out of it.

AI2 diapers are very user friendly. No stuffing of inserts, no separate covers. Just snap inserts in diaper then simply place on baby and snap the snaps.

Features I love in this diaper:
Cute prints: I love the Cat in the Hat print I received and many others. If I had money, I'd be buying many of these cute diapers.
Snap in inserts- Love that I can just snap on the insert and be done. Makes it easy for others to use too.
Daddy, Babysitter, friendly- others can easily snap in the insert and put on. No stuffing, no separate cover, etc. Just snap and go.  
One size- Saves me from having to buy a new diaper when he grows. This diaper should fit my child until he is potty trained. Yay!
Absorbency: No leaks with this diaper overnight. Yay! I normally have to double stuff a pocket diaper with microfiber inserts and still have leaks. With this diaper, we were able to use for a good 12 hours with no leaks.
Customer Service: While not necessarily a feature of the diaper, I love the service this shop has provided. She is great at answering any questions I might have with regards to cloth diapers.

Suggestions for improvement:
While I love the look of the black lining on this diaper, it seems to show lint/fuzz from other diaper's that I wash with it.
Diaper inside- see the lint fuzz. Also note the color coded diaper snaps.
Sometimes when my squirmy toddler moves with this diaper it is not very snug at the front of his waist. Even with the slight gap in the front with movement, I've had No Leaks!

Front view of diaper- hard to tell, but there is a slight gap on his waist. (Could be because he is a skinny guy.)
Tiger Tooshies has offered our readers a 5% off  discount through Aug 31, 2012.  Just enter coupon code 5OFF PLS and receive 5% off your purchase.

Win it:  Look for a giveaway coming May 1st as part of the Mother's Day Cloth Hop! To save some time be sure to heart Tiger Tooshies on Etsy and like on facebook. This will give you some entries into the giveaway. Then come back on May 1st to fill in the rafflecopter form.


i love tiger tooshie diapers they rock
Fiddlin' Dandi said…
I really like all their cute prints!
Julie said…
I love the Dr. Seuss Diaper! How different and unique!!
Beth R said…
I am definitely going to check their prints. I love the cat in the hat and I have been looking for some new fun prints. Thanks for reviewing

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