Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Nana Pants by Betsy

I've been looking at diapers to find something that will work for overnights with my 21 month old son. I'm looking for something that will last all night without leaks. Better yet if it is easy to use, and has a cute print. I fell in love when I found Nana Pants by Betsy.
Thomas Train Embroidered diaper with coordinating red snaps

Cute Thomas the Train Diaper Butt
I was given the opportunity to review a Thomas the Train embroidered diaper with snap closure. The diaper is a one size pocket diaper and came with a super absorbent Zorb II insert. I'm new to Zorb II. This is how she describes it, "Zorb II is a microfiber lined in bamboo that can instantly absorb up to 6 times it's weight, yet, is also easily wrung dry." After washing and prepping my diaper and insert, I noticed that the Zorb II insert had shrunk. I contacted shop owner, Betsy,  and she said that this is normal with Zorb II. However, the supplier has made changes and although some shrinkage will still happen, it shouldn't be as much. In fact, this shop owner sent me a 2nd insert after we discussed my concerns and issues with the first one. She changed the way she does the Zorb II inserts, and I like the changes. The new insert works great. The insert is thin and can either be bi or tri folded depending on your needs. This new insert dries quickly too.
Insert folded in half
 The other night I put this diaper to the test. Would the diaper hold up overnight with no leaks? Would it contain any messes? My son has been sick, so needless to say his dirty diapers have been lots messier. I tri-folded the insert and put it on my son around 10 or 10:30 at night. (Due to late work schedules, we tend to get to bed late.)  He woke up for the day around 10 a.m.. He must have known I wanted him to test out the diaper because he pooped in it. It was a messier, sick poo, however it was nicely contained inside the diaper. The diaper withheld this mess even with it already being soaking wet from his pee.

Fit: This is a one size diaper that can fit from babies from 13-30 lbs. It has 3 rows of rise snaps to adjust the fit as well as numerous waist snaps. It also has crossover snaps for smaller children. It will fit for the majority of the time your child is in diapers. Fits snugly around legs and waist without leaving marks.

Smallest setting on top of insert

Largest setting on top of insert
Side view showing how nicely it fits around legs.
Front view on my son
My daughter loves to pick out the Train diaper for my son to wear. They both love trains, and we live near a train track so they both get excited to hear a train. This diaper was the perfect design for them.

Other features I love:

Shop- owner includes an informative sheet with  wearing instructions, washing instructions and help with common issues. She has responded in a timely manner to questions that may arise. She also warranties diapers for 60 days.
Love that you can choose snaps or velcro closure- get which you like best! While I love snaps, I know some people like velcro. Now you can have whichever closure you want.
Crossover snap for use with smaller babies.
Snap colors- I love that the snaps can be a variety of colors to coordinate or accent the diaper you have chosen.
Customizable diaper- you can pick which color diaper she puts the embroidery on. She has many embroidery options including:
Lil Firecracker
Sunshine bear
She also has some diaper prints or you can send her a message to discuss other diaper designs.

Suggestions for improvement:
This diaper does not have a second row or hip snap. Normally I need this to prevent wing droop. However, I have not had that issue with this diaper. Still I'd like to see that feature.

Win it: Look for giveaway coming May 1st as part of the cloth diaper hop. Follow on Etsy and on Facebook to prepare for the giveaway.


Fiddlin' Dandi said…
I'd really like to get the Thomas Train diaper for my son!
Jamie H. said…
We have a heavy wetter too. We may have to try this one.
Vanessa Coker said…
Super cute for a toddler! (the Thomas one) :) choo-choo
Charis's Mum said…
WOW!! She has a Steelers embroidered logo!! If my daughter's not yet potty trained by football season, I know what I'm buying!!
Beth R said…
I love that Thomas Diaper. My oldest would freak out to see his brother wearing that. Love the cute designs and the fact this stands up to the night time test!
sueparks2003 said…
A diaper that lasts they entire night fits up to 30 lbs and has such cute designs has to be a winner!
Gladys P
FirstTimeMom MN said…
I think if my son saw this diaper he'd probably revert back to having to wear diapers. We're a little Thomas the Train obsessed!

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