Mother's Day Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Teeny Turtle

I've been wanting to try an Applecheeks diaper for ages. Teeny Turtle has given me that chance.
Teeny Turtle is a Diaper store located in SC. I wish they were near me because they do demos, cloth diaper parties, and have local events. Teeny Turtle is also a diapering service for those in the area. For those out of area like me they are an online store. They sell a large variety of cloth diapers, detergents, wet bags, wipes, teething necklaces, etc.
I tried out the Applecheeks Bamboo bundle in Wild Child. Applecheeks diapers come in 2 sizes. Size 1 fits 7-20 lbs and Size 2 fits 18-35 + lbs. I chose the size 2 for my little man as he is currently about 21 lbs.
Smallest setting
Largest setting
Diaper and Insert
Huge diaper opening
Front and Back Waist elastic
Front view- fits nice and snug around tummy
Leg elastics fit nicely
Back View
What I like:
Cute print- this print is awesome. I love the animals and I also like how their are cute little apples hidden throughout the design. They also have some nice solid color diapers.
Waist elastic- I love that there is elastic in the front too. This gives the diaper a nice fit around the front with no gaps.
Leg elastic- nice snug fit with no gaps. Not too tight either. No red marks are left on my son with this diaper.
Opening- I like how the opening is big enough to easily stuff the insert  inside. My husband could easily fit his big hands inside to stuff this diaper.
Bamboo insert- I love how absorbent the insert is. Holds up nicely overnights with no leaks. I also like how I can fold the insert differently depending on my needs.
Ease of use- I love how easy this diaper is to just snap on and go. I don't have to mess with additional covers and it fits perfectly.
Trim- I like that this diaper is not bulky like some other cloth diapers. It seems nice and trim against my baby.

While this diaper is toted for having the insert come out in the wash, this did not happen for me. :( I wish it would. I have a feeling this is due to my HE front loading machine as this also happens with another diaper that I have that is suppose to come out in the wash. With the other diaper that feature worked fine, until I got this machine. Therefore, I blame my machine for this feature not working.

Other than that I can not find anything I don't love about this diaper. I've been wanting to try an Applecheeks diaper for months and I'm super excited that I finally got the opportunity. I love this diaper. It is one of my favorites. 

Win it: A lucky reader will get a Applecheeks Bamboo bundle in their choice of color and size as part of the Mother's Day Cloth Hop. Like on facebook and twitter to prepare for the giveaway.


Ishibishi said…
I have never used these diapers and they sound great thanks for the review! the print is really cute as well!
Beth R said…
These look great!! The print is so cute and I love that they have a bamboo insert!! Definitely something to try. Thanks for the review!!
That diaper is soooo cute!

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