Mother's Day Sponsor Spotlight: Buy Green

While I'm not totally green, I love the site Buy Green. I like knowing that these products are made "green".  Buy Green looks at 4 different aspects to determine if a product is "green. These aspects are:
1.Source material 2. Manufacturing. 3. Usage, and 4. Disposal. The product is then given ratings based on these 4 categories to determine how "green" or environmentally friendly the product is.  I love that I don't have to really know a lot to understand how this product is green. 

I was able to review a Revolve filter bottle. The bottle also came with a Buy Green bag.

Revolve filtration bottle
Buy Green bag that came with it.
Here are some of the bottles features (taken from Buy Green's website)
  - Filters over 100 gallons of water (9-12 months)
 - Removes up to 99.99% of all tap water contaminants
 - Filter is 100% recyclable and replaceable
 - 27 oz. or 800ml. bottle is food-grade 18/8 stainless steel & toxin-free
 - Flip-up straw
 - 100% BPA Free
 - Filters are made in the USA
 - Multi-Patented Technology
 - EPA/ANSI Certified & exceeds NSF standards 42 & 53

What I like:
I like that this bottle saves me money and is good for the environment. It saves me money because I'm don't have to buy bottled water anymore. I love that I don't have to worry about whether or not I brought bottled water with me. I can't run out of yummy water. I just have to refill the bottle when it is empty. 
It is better for the environment because it saves me from buying tons and tons of bottled water. 
The taste- I will not drink tap water. My local tap water tastes awful. Plus who knows what all is in it. With this bottle I don't worry. I can fill it with tap water, knowing that the bad stuff will be removed by the filter. The water tastes good with this bottle.
I like the flip top straw. I can easily use this wherever I am. Plus, my kids (ages 2 and 4) can even drink from it without a problem. It doesn't leak and works great when used properly. (I sometimes am too quick to close the straw part and get a small amount of water dripping. This is because I flip it closed as soon as I'm done drinking and water is still in the straw part.) If you wait just one second to close this is not a problem. 
BPA free- I like knowing that this bottle doesn't contain any harmful BPA's.
Buy Green Shops Customer Service- After using this bottle for only a couple of days, I noticed that it was hard to drink out of the straw. I looked at it, and wondered if the straw part was broken. I took a couple pictures, and sent off an email with my concerns. I was quickly informed that she didn't know much about how the straw part assembled and that she would find out from the manufacturer. Within days, I had a full new filter assembly. I love that even though she didn't know the answer, she was quick to research and get back to me.
Flip top of bottle
Filter assembly and bottle

What I'd improve:
I wish I could use this bottle with other liquids and not just filtered water. I would love if they made an attachment piece so that I could use it to take milk or juice with me on the go.

Win it: A lucky person will win a revolve filtered bottle as part of the Mother's Day Hop. Be sure to like Buy Green on Facebook and Twitter.


Julie said…
This is such a great idea! I love that there is a filter in the actual bottle, no need to worry about the tap water filter!
Fiddlin' Dandi said…
Good to know... I'd like to try one of theses!
G said…
i like the filter--i wish it were insulated, i like cold water
Beth R said…
I love that their is an actual filter in the water bottle. I am surprised no one has come up with that sooner! Thanks for sharing
caedmen said…
What a awesome idea to put a filter right in the water bottle! This would be perfect for camping too, the water is safe to drink where we go camping but it sure tastes terrible.

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