Mother's Day Sponsor Spotlight: Golden State Fruit

As a mom I rarely splurge on things for me. On rare occasions, I take a special moment to indulge in something for me. Sometimes its just a moment to myself. Other times it is a special treat.
A favorite treat of mine is to indulge in Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Golden State Fruit sent me a dozen Chocolate covered strawberries for my birthday.
Mmm...Looks Delicious!
I live in AZ so it can get very hot by the end of April. So Suzanne suggested that I pick a day for delivery when I'd be home. I picked my birthday, but some things happened and I didn't get them until a couple days later. They were worth the wait! While I expected to be home when they were delivered, plans changed and I was out for several hours. I'm not sure how long they were outside. They were still nice and cool when I opened them. They came packaged with an ice pack and the berries themselves were in 2 gift boxes. Each gift box held 6 berries.
Strawberries in Gift Boxes
Strawberries inside the packaging
The strawberries are California grown large strawberries. They then hand dip them in their own kitchen. The chocolate used for these strawberries is real dark chocolate and rich white chocolate. After hand dipping strawberries are then beautifully decorated. I chose the Dark chocolate berries that had chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate drizzles. They were delicious.  I love the combination of juicy strawberries with chocolate. The chocolate on these strawberries was superb. The strawberries themselves were sweet and juicy. Yum!

I offered to share with my husband, but he doesn't like his fruit covered with anything. My daughter liked the chocolate by itself and the strawberry by itself (if I took it apart for her.) however she wouldn't try it together. My son on the other hand, would eat just the chocolate. He also devoured it with the strawberry too. I think my family is missing out. Chocolate and Strawberries together is awesome. These are some of the best ones I've had.

I wish they were cheaper, as I'm a very budget conscious mom. I can get strawberries on sale for $1/lb sometimes, and I could add chocolate to them. Homemade may be cheaper but I sure love splurging for these strawberries on occasion. They taste much better, look nicer, and don't require any effort on my part.  6 berries are $34.95 and a dozen is just $10 more at $44.95. This is a reasonable cost for high quality dipped strawberries.

Deliveries are made Tuesdays - Fridays for orders placed by 10:30 AM pst. and  berries are shipped overnight (just $5.95 shipping) for next business day arrival. I love that the shipping cost is very reasonable and that the berries arrive quickly.

I also love the friendly service that I received from Suzanne at Golden State Fruits. My strawberries came with a Happy Belated Birthday Message. She was also quick to respond to any questions I had. I love the quality customer service that she offered.

Check out  Golden State Fruit to order strawberries for mom or one of their many wonderful fruit baskets. Also like them on facebook.

Make sure you enter the Mother's Day giveaway as these berries will be won by a lucky reader.


Stacey T said…
Those look amazing. I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries - I don't know if I could have offered to share.
LindaHnub said…
These look soooo yummy!!! :)
Fiddlin' Dandi said…
These made my mouth water. They look so delicious!
G said…
definitely a luxury item--but you get what you pay for!
Beth R said…
I wish I had some of those right now. They look so yummy!

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